Image courtesy of Clyde Robinson

There is always a lot to do in the home and there are lots of ways to spend money doing these things. There are ways though that it is possible to save yourself time as well as money on jobs in the home.

If you have a big home then you will find that there is a lot of cleaning and gardening to do. This could take up a lot of time and you may even pay people to help you out with it. This can be a big drain on your finances. However, you could find that there are ways to reduce your workload without having to pay people to help. For example, you could make the garden more manageable, perhaps by putting down astro turf instead of grass or a lawn made from plants which do not need mowing. You could put down weed barrier under paths and borders and cover with bark chipping r gravel to minimise weeds. You could even consider selling off some of the garden so that you no longer have to worry about it.

Inside the home, often the cleaning can be difficult to keep on top of and then there is the decorating and repairs as well. A large house takes a lot more looking after. It could be worth considering renting out some rooms and then you will be able to leave tenants to clean them and the money you make from the rent could be used to help to pay for someone to do the maintenance work throughout the house.  If you do not have spare rooms, then you may be able to make some money renting out the driveway for people who work nearby. There are websites where you can advertise this.

By minimising the items that you have or buying storage for them, you will reduce the amount of things that you need to clean and tidy, especially if you teach everyone living in the house to put things away when they have finished with them. In fact getting family members to help out can save a lot of time and should mean you will not have to pay anyone to help you. Even if they do ten minutes each, perhaps making beds, keeping their rooms tidy and clearing up after a meal, it will be time where you can be doing other things and keeping on top of other jobs.

If you do have a big house and garden and do find it hard to manage, it could be worth considering getting something smaller. You will not only save money because it will be cheaper to buy or rent and cheaper to keep warm, but there will be less maintenance, decorating, cleaning and gardening. Consider whether you use all of the space that you do have and if you could manage in something smaller. You may need to declutter and be prepared to share space with other members of the family, but it could be worth it.