Image courtesy of Keith Cooper
Image courtesy of Keith Cooper
If you are selling things, whether they are things you owned that you are selling second hand or things that you have bought to sell on, it is good to try to make the most money possible. There are a few tricks to make sure that you can get the best possible price for them.

Find the Right Place to Advertise
To start with it is really important to sell the items in the right place. Think about who is likely to buy your items and where they would look for them. This may be more than one place and so you will need to choose the best or put it in several places to sell. This will be easier if you have more than one of the item, as otherwise you will need to make sure that you quickly remove it from sale, once it sells elsewhere.

Make them Look Good
It is really important to make sure that the items you are selling look good. You will need to use photographs so that buyers know what they are buying and so take the pictures to show off the items. Make sure that the pictures are clear, with good lighting and then you can see the items well. It may be advisable to take close up pictures of certain parts, so that you can show potential customers lots of detail. If the item is second hand and has damage, it is wise to show a close up of that as well, so that potential customers can decide whether they think it is worth buying.

Detailed Listings
It is worth going into a lot of detail about the items. Start with a summary for those that do not have the time to read details. Then follow with bullet points and more details. This means that if anyone wants to know lots of detail about it, they have the option of finding it out. This will mean that you are less likely to be asked questions, which will save you time but also those people that cannot be bothering with asking questions will not have to. Some potential buyers will not be interested in an item they do not know enough information about but be prepared to pay more for one that they do know about.

Consider Auctioning
Auctioning items can help the price to rise a lot higher and therefore bring in more money. If you have items to sell where the value is not obvious then this can help to let you know what it is worth. If you have valuable things, perhaps rare or antique items then they can be worth more than you might imagine and auctioning them can be a great way to make sure that you get what they are worth in payment.

Consider Deals
It can be worth seeing whether you can use promotional deals to encourage people to buy things. If people think that they are getting a bargain then they are more likely to buy things. You may think that deals will mean a cut to your profits, but it depends on how you set them up. If you have stock that is not selling then they are making no profit at all and so offering potential customers a deal could encourage them to buy and mean that you get some money back for them.