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While most businesses make a lot of effort to entice new customers, not all companies have effective practices to keep existing ones. According to Sarah Robinson, author of Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities, acquiring new customers is six or seven times more expensive than keeping existing ones.

What customers are your weekly newsletters designed to attract? Follow the tips by dotMailer to create meaningful emails for your customers.

Personalise your emails. Calling your customers by their first names is an essential step to engage with them. By incorporating the subscriber’s name into the subject line, you make them feel important to you. Using personal pronouns is the easiest way to help readers feels like part of an online community.

Target them right. A dozen of irrelevant emails are much more likely to force the subscriber to click the “Report Spam” button than drive conversions. Know your audience! Run a simple online survey to gather important customer information and use these data to target your commercial messages properly. Show them that you care about their interests and needs.

Make customers feel special. One of the major reasons for becoming a loyal customer is feeling special when shopping with a particular retailer. There are plenty of ways to make your customers feel special and any effort will be rewarded so take action. Communicate with them across a number of channels including email, Facebook, Twitter, your blog and so on.

Provide incentives. Prepare simple incentives and little surprises for your customers to feel like part of a community. A quick online survey is a great way to get feedback while encouraging action. Online contests and small commercial posts they can share on social networks to win a gift also work.

Offer a clever loyalty programme. While a lot of companies have loyalty programmes, it often takes too much time, effort and points to really benefit from them. Provide some immediate perks for making a purchase so that your customers have a great first impression after shopping with you. Get inspired by the brilliant marketing strategy of Omni Hotels that offer free perks the minute new members sign up. These include free Wi-Fi and morning coffee delivered right to the visitor’s hotel room.

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In these tough economic times, people in general and your customers in particular are looking for stability and consistency, which, according to Sarah Robinson, involves staying connected and engaged. Do your best to create a meaningful connection between you and your customers in 2013.

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