Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn
Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn
Mobile phone bills can get out of control if you are not careful. Even if you are paying a fixed amount each month, you may find that you go over your allowance and pay more or that the monthly fee is too expensive for you. It is worth looking below to see whether you can save money on your mobile phone bill.

Get the Right Tariff
You may find the amount of tariffs rather confusing and you may just go with the one that the shop recommends as it is simpler than looking yourself. However, make sure that you have some information first. Think about how much you spend on calls and how many you make, the same with texts and how often you use data outside of the home and whether you use home wi-fi if you are at home. These things will all have an effect on which tariff you should be using to get the best price. You may find that swapping providers will give you the same benefits for less money.

Make full use of free minutes/roaming/texts
If you get free minutes or texts or roaming then make sure that you use them when you can, rather than paying for them. There may be specific limitations with when you can use them and so make sure that you know what these are and get the best possible value for money from them. If you are not using them, then you may want to move to a package which offers less, that may be cheaper for you.

Use free wi-fi where you can
It is wise to use free wi0fi when you can to save you money. So whether you are in a shop or café or someone’s home, find out what the wi-fi password is so that you can take advantage of it. They will not normally mind you doing this unless you are downloading huge amounts and taking up more bandwidth than they are paying for. If you are just using a phone for general purposes then there should be no problems.

Do not use Abroad
Using a mobile phone abroad attracts really big charges. It is really wise to look into the charges before you go so that you are aware of whether you can afford to use your phone when you are away. You may find that where you are staying has free wi-fi and you can take advantage of this and not have to worry about the cost of using the Internet then.