Image courtesy of Tarek
Image courtesy of Tarek

Many people these days are metered with their water and so using too much can mean that they pay a lot more. For those without a meter the only way to reduce the bill is to move house as the amount you are charged is based on this. However, you could ask to have a water meter installed if you think that this will save you money. Generally if there are less people than bedrooms you will save, but there are calculators that you can use online which will help you to work out whether it will be in your benefit to have a meter fitted.

If you have a meter you will not be able to have it removed and so you will need to find a way to make sure that you are not paying more than you need to. Firstly make sure that you do not have any leaks or drips as this could be wasting unnecessary water and will not cost too much to fix. Then think about how you can use less.

It is well known that showers take less water than baths and that if you flush the loo less you will waste less water. It is these big changes that will make a significant difference but lots of small changes can add up as well.

It is worth thinking about all of the ways that you could cut down. Consider everything the you use water for and whether you can reduce it. Using a hose pipe for watering gardens, washing cards and patios will take a lot. You also use water to brush teeth so don’t run the tap while you are doing it. Also do not use too much when cooking only use what is necessary. When washing up, you will waste the water if you run it as you go, it is better to use a bowl. A dishwasher can be very efficient in its water use though. For washing most people will use a washing machine these days. You can get washing machines that are very efficient with water use and so if you are buying a new one it is worth considering this. Make sure that you make it worthwhile and always do a full load.

It can often be just a case of being more conscious about water. Think about it every time you use it and whether what you are using it for is worth it. Do not throw away waste water without considering if you can use it to water the garden. Do not overfill pots and pans, flush too often, run the tap unnecessarily or have baths. You water company may be able to provide you with extra hints and tips and there are also things that you can use to save water. They are devices that you can put in showers and loos which means that they do not use so much water. These can be really helpful and they are often free too.