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Project Management Professional is abbreviated as PMP. It is an internationally well-recognized exam which is offered by Project management Institutes. PMP is well recognized globally, not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.  A PMP certification can increase your salary, improves your project management skills and makes you better at handling projects.

PMP Certification Overview

PMP is actually a certificate given by the Project Management Institute. This certification is costly as it also requires a lot of preparation, skills and strategic planning approach along with fees. You may have to think twice before planning to get it due to the effort it requires.

PMP certification demonstrates that a project manager has knowledge, skill, and experience to bring the project to successful completion. Demand for PMP certified professionals is increasing globally. Practitioners having PMP certification are positioned to lead project teams and to achieve successful project goals.

Role of Certified PMP’s

Project management professionals have to fulfill the following jobs:

  • Perform their duties and are responsible for all the aspects of that project for the complete life of the project
  • Direct and lead different teams to deliver projects within schedules
  • Better team evaluation to complete projects efficiently.
  • Demonstrate experience and knowledge to apply a methodology for a project that is well defined.
  • Complete projects in time.

Why I should pursue it

A person having a certificate is always one step ahead of non-certified professionals. (Some people even don’t call them professionals) If you are in the project management field, I will prove below why you should burn the midnight oil to get PMP Certificate. Here are the top reasons why you should pursue it

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1 Globally Recognized

PMP is accredited globally. It is recognized by the business communities of the globe. It can help you in landing a better job. You have the freedom to work for any company at any place at any time. PMP isn’t geographically specific so you can work anywhere in the world in any industry.

2 Earn More

PMP certified individuals enjoy perks of higher salaries along with bonuses. They are highly paid in every country especially in developed countries. According to the PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey released in July 2017, PMP certified professionals earn a median salary of $111,969 per year in the United States.

3 Work without borders

PMP certified individuals are recognized across the globe so people can enjoy working in any country they like. They get greater visibility to recruiters and it helps in getting a job. They can get a job in any industry.

4 Better Career Opportunities

People always prefer experienced over an inexperienced person, same is the case between certified and non-certified professionals. PMP certified individuals have better career opportunities over non-certified individuals. They are one step ahead of others who are not certified. Every industry has a vacancy of project manager so they can fit in any industry as their role is project management so that people can complete the project efficiently in a given time.

5 Learn Important Skills

Being a certified professional does not simply adds credibility to your CV but it also ornaments you with a new skillset and your thinking pattern changes for every project assigned to you. This learning takes time but it’s worth will force you to do it. These skills will definitely reward you in your life.

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6 Networking

Networking helps people solving many problems by discussing. PMI organizes meetups in different cities. You can attend them by becoming a member which is possible only by having a PMP certificate. Networking can help you in getting a good job (higher salary)  as people speak up about jobs too in meetups.

7 Opportunity to train others

Experienced or well-educated people are often asked to train other people in their industry. By having a PMP certification, you can get an opportunity to train others as you have the skills which others don’t have.  A PMP certification gives you the skills and knowledge required to handle such situations easily.

8 Better Team Evaluation

By knowing more about project management either by consuming years of life doing experiments or by a smart decision of pursuing PMP, you can evaluate teams better. You can identify people who lack in their work and then teach them how to do it productively. This better team evaluation can help you complete projects efficiently saving time and money too and you can get salary increment too on its basis.

9 Chance of working in Corporates

Getting PMP certification to increase your chance of working for a corporate as they are always hunting for great project managers. The corporate can be in commerce, finance, research, telecom, technology, and business sector. You can fit in any sector as long as you are working as a project manager.

10 Be a savior during the recession

Hard times hit people and companies. Certified PMP’s can help companies in these days by saving the company from closing. In the past, many PMP certified saved companies in these black days by doing projects efficiently without costing a ton of money to the company.

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Is PMP Exam easy?

Anything which adds credibility to your CV is not easy, it also applies here. PMP certification has high standards and you have to master materials practically.

PMP exam requires a hefty amount of money and time with a dedication to complete it. You can get as much burden as having a second job because PMP is a practical thing and it takes time for doing practical things.

Best Training for PMP Exam

Are you having thoughts of giving up PMP due to tough exams?

KnowledgeHut has taken a step to rescue you by providing affordable training along with certification on completion of training course. Knowledgehut has highly experienced professionals to train you. People trained by Knowledgehut have an impressive success score as they help them in every aspect ranging from materials to submitting an application for an exam.


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