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Tny – Get Paid to Paste

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Are you looking for a new, easy and quick way to make money online? Would you like to do little every day and gain more, as days go by? If so, you are at the right place! Everything will be clearer to you as soon as you get the information behind the following lines. All of us are craving for a better way of life, with less problems and more great memories ahead. In this case, if you are the kind of person in searching for new possibilities to making money online, Tny can definitely be a great help to you to get the outcome expected in a matter of time! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to see how you can get paid to paste!

How Tny works

Have you ever wondered if there is a program that can give you the possibility of sharing your own texts and links, and above all, giving you money for that? That’s actually one incredible fact you may say, and there’s just no wonder why. The entire process of Tny is extremely simple – you paste the links on websites or forums, gather as many clicks as possible (on the link) and get paid!


Every user is paid on the first of every month after exceeding the limit of $5.00 imposed by Tny. There is actually no request needed to fulfill this requirement, since the money will be automatically redirected to your account once exceeded the limit. In addition, the payment is done currently via PayPal, still in the closest future they will use Alertpay and Payza as well. If you are wondering how much you will be gaining with Tny, there is no answer that can actually be fully correct, mainly because it depends on the clicks you gather – the more you get, the more money enter in your account. Still, this month you may be having lots of which to take advantage of, whereas in the next two months the number can drop without even noticing. Either way, there’s no doubt Tny is one of the greatest ways to get paid to paste, especially due to the fact that it is a long lasting investment. Even though at the beginning you may find it hard to cope with, as days go by things will change and your links will be earning money for you that will automatically enter in your account even after three years from the moment of pasting it! Quick, easy and trustworthy, don’t you think so? Give it a try!

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