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From time to time, people seem to realize how important is it to have a developed knowledge and a vast vocabulary. Whether we like it or not, when heading to a high position in a company it is absolutely crucial to know how to speak and what terms to use. There is a big difference between a colloquial and a formal vocabulary, making this a turning point for most of us since the position seems to be quite difficult to maintain – and someone better can easily take up our place. In order to that not to interfere, it is utterly important to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a book rat – stick with us if you wish to find more about it!

First is best

This is surely the first thing to take into account when talking about whether or not you should be a book rat. The first in every field is known as being the best, reason why he is always in front, from high school to college and the list can continue. Maybe at first the money would not appear, but as time goes by and the first one goes to work in  the Company and makes a marvelous job, he will undoubtedly not only receive a higher position but a higher salary as well. So, being a book rat in this aspect surely works perfectly and attract money as well!

Words can manipulate

Another rather important aspect in here covers the words’ abilities. A well constructed and not one to bore speech can easily lead someone into thinking how great and how valuable a person is, only due to the fact that his or her words managed to manipulate the human brains. In this case, the auditors will be more than delighted to hear more – but how can basically those words be achieved? The answer is simple yet short – by reading, as much as you possibly could. In short, if you want to manipulate through conversations, use powerful and impressive words – you might easily get a higher position and a higher salary at some point, or… who knows?!

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During a lifetime, being a book rat is the best thing to do when being a child. There is no wonder why, since as you grow older you seem not to have the same time and opening to do as much for your theoretical brain – so, why not to take advantage still you can? This strategy can easily lead you to some great money!


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