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Dealing with a job hunt during a pandemic is a rather tedious task. While news about financial collapse make the headlines, the abundant job offers might be just what you need to employ a career change. However, it could be a total burden when it comes to working conditions.

Nowadays, numerous companies and offices from all over the world are closed. This has been the first measure imposed, as a reply to Covid-19. For people having a job that can be done online was an amazing decision; however, not the same happened for those whose jobs were restricted to the offline area.

Coping with work related issues seems to become more of a hot topic. Companies have already shifted employers to remote work from home. Fortunately, though, the freelancer jobs are up and running, laying on the table even more lucrative offers. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to discover the best 10 websites to use for finding a remote job during the current pandemic.

With over 42,000 jobs available, seems to be the perfect platform. You can work from anywhere and anytime, right after you select the domains of interest and the payment range. Here, you can see the available work postings, coupled with useful statistics and data. In addition, each month you will be able to see the top hiring companies. Is it appealing enough? Take a virtual tour and look for your best professional match.

Do you think a remote job is what you need? On everyone finds what he is good at. Narrow the search only for the companies that allow remote working conditions and you are good to go. From here on, the luck stays in your own hands.

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It is so easy to find a perfectly suitable remote job these days. On you can discover different jobs in tech, customer support, marketing and so many other fields. Even though the number of available remote jobs is huge, every one of them is manually reviewed. Not to mention the up-to-date newsletters you are ought to receive as a member of the community.

Creating your own day-to-day schedule for work is a bliss at any age. Not only can you analyse what are the most lucrative hours for you, but that is also a nice way to enjoy yourself. Starting with, you get everything from hiring to training. Most of these job positions are further part of various teams. This is the main reason why it looks (and feels) rather as a community.

Another free-of-charge website specially designed for job hunting is Aside from the daily new entries, you get access to some interesting tips for passing the interviews. It is filled with numerous jobs posted by giants in tech, business, finance and more. All of them are remote and ready to welcome you with impressive offers!

Few of us have not heard about It had been launched for the first time back in 2007 and is a perfectly crafted job search engine. During the pandemic, it gathered numerous remote jobs from all over the world. If distance used to be the primary concern when assessing candidates, none of this stands still.

The great thing about is that you can even see the salaries within the company. The website has a nice feature that allows you to analyse the pay rate introduced in an anonymous manner by other users. By this way, you know whether the requested payment is above or below the others’.

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Nothing is easier these days than finding a remote job. If you have what it takes to work with just a laptop and an Internet connection, you are one-step away from your dream job. The good news is is a great place to start.

This website is online for over 15 years. Up until now, it is available in no less than 60 countries and has 28 languages. According to many reviews, few people did not actually manage to find a suitable job position. However, most of these were not looking for remote jobs whatsoever. When it comes to employment websites, this should definitely be one of your choices.

Up to 76% of the users rated the platform as being excellent. Most of the published jobs relate to freelancers. They are called the lucky ones, because they have the opportunity to create their own schedule and be nomads.

Companies enjoy working with an experienced freelancer rather than with a different company. Not only are they paying less, but also the collaborator handles most of the taxes. At the same time, as a freelancer you are paid even 10x better than in a company for the same working hours.

Within the signing in procedure, you must fill in your profile. It should be as impressive as possible, but most of all, completed. All of the fields are required, should you decide to find jobs on a whim.

Nothing is more pleasing to do every morning than to search for the right remote job on From logo design to site building, here you will discover well-paid jobs that will help you become even more experienced.

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To become more visible, you will be asked to place your pay rate and a short summary about yourself.

Being a content writer is a total bliss for people who enjoy stories. If you are keen on knowing more and more about the world, you can definitely try

Here you will discover a bunch of remote jobs posted on different topics. Not to mention the request for content in different languages. You can start by creating a free account and deciding among the various types of contents the ones that are most suitable for you.

Up until now, you will discover four types of writing levels. At start, you will be a standard writer. As time passes by and you become more experienced, you will jump to premium and afterwards to elite. The last one (and the best-paid pieces) is elite plus.

It is never too late to beat the pandemic while finding the right job. Use this factor in your favor and make a total change in your life!


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