On the top list of 10 best occupations in the United States, three are connected with mathematics, while among the 10 worst occupations three are from media.

In the research where more then 200 different occupations in multiple categories have been rated among Top 10 there are at least three or more jobs that are in some way connected with math.

So, let’s start.

1.) Actuary

Actuaries interpret statistics in order to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness, death and loss of property from stealing and natural disasters.

2.) Audiologist

Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing problems. Their annual income is $71,333.00

3. ) Mathematician

Mathematicians use math theories and formulas in order to solve problems in science, business, education or industries.

4. ) Statistician

Analyzes and interprets statistics from various research, surveys or experiments.

5. ) Biomedical Engineer

Creates and analyzes different solutions for dealing with problems in medicine and biology. Average income is $89,165.00.

6. ) Data Scientist

Uses informational technologies to perform statistical analysis and interpret different trends from gathered data. Average annual income is around $124,149.00.

7. ) Dental Hygienist

Examines people for oral diseases and cleans human teeth. Provides preventive dental care. Average annual income $71,102.00.

8.) Software Engineer

Creates and develops software systems for virtually anything. Average annual income $93,113.00.

9.) Occupational Therapist

Helps mentally, physically, developmentally and emotionally impaired people to achieve self reliance.  Annual income about $77,114.00.

10.) Computer System Analyst

Creates and designs systems for business and scientific companies. Average annual income $81,150.00.

Ten worst job occupations in US in 2015 are: DJ, Mail Carrier, Firefighter, Taxi Driver, Corrections Officer, Photojournalist, Broadcaster, Cook, Enlisted Military Personnel, Lumberjack and Newspaper Reporter.