If you think you are paying too much taxes in your country, try checking some of the best tax havens in the world on this unique top list.

This list of Top 10 Tax Havens In The World has been based on few criteria including: tax politics, quality of life, legal security, security, geographic location, the quality of investment programs of local authorities and more.

1. Antigua and Barbuda

On the first place we have an island country located in the Caribbean Sea, on the border with Atlantic Ocean Antigua and Barbuda. In order to get permanent residency you need to invest at least $250 00 in the governmental program or purchase a real estate that is worth at least $400 000.

2.  United Kingdom

Number two surprisingly goes to United Kingdom that offers possibility of residential status without permanent living location. This special status allows foreigners to live in the UK without being subjected to tax and income during the period of seven years.

3.  Monaco

Third place is reserved for Monaco where there are no taxes on income except for people with French citizenship that are subjected to paying tax in France. In Monaco there are no taxes on real estate and inheritance.

4. Andorra 

Number four is reserved for another European city-state – Andorra. In order to live in Andorra you need to invest at least 350 000 euros as well as deposit of 50 000 euros.

5. Bahamas

Number five goes to Bahamas, since they are offering zero taxes on income, and they offer high quality of life, political stability as well as proximity to the US.

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6. Mauritius 

On the sixth place we have another island country – Mauritius located in the southwestern part of the Indian ocean. The tax on income is only 15%.

7. Malta

Another island country, this one located in the Mediterranean – Malta. In Malta there are no taxes for income made abroad and for real estate located outside Malta.

8. Gibraltar

Number eight goes to Gibraltar due to  Income tax rate for natural persons: maximum amount of £28,360 of tax payable per year.

9. United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Number nine is reserved for Dubai where companies and natural persons that are foreign are free of taxes.

10. Cayman Islands

Number ten goes to Cayman Islands, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom located in the Caribbean Sea. Companies and natural persons aren’t subjected to tax here, and in order to get the residency permit you need to invest at least 560 000 euros to their programs.