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If you dream of being your own boss, but are stuck for ideas on what kind of business to start up, why not spend some time thinking outside of the box?

These unusual business start-ups are sure to get those creative juices flowing, so read on and be inspired by the bonkers business ideas that actually work!

Crime Scene Clean Up

This is one cleaning firm with a difference, as the staff are likely to be tackling far more gruesome prospects than a filthy oven (and there are some pretty gruesome ovens out there!). This firm of hard-core cleaners are called in to transform blood spattered crime scenes so that you’d never know what horrors had once occurred! Creepy.

Afterlife Avatars

Another rather creepy idea, the Virtual Eternity Programme gives you the chance to live forever – as a digit avatar. These online ‘clones’ will be able to interact with other avatars and future generations – and virtual eternity plans cost from $24.95 a month. Although, exactly how you’ll continue to pay the bills once gone is anyone’s guess?!

The sexy romance novel has never been more popular, thanks to a certain Mr Grey, but why read about others when you can star in your very own racy read, thanks to

Morph Suits

A stag do essential, the morph suit covers the body from head to toe in stretchy spandex and is available in a range of different colours and designs. Might be a little sweaty in warm weather though!

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Who would’ve thought you could make money from cardboard boxes, but that’s exactly what BoxCycle does. It might not be the most glam of businesses, allowing people to buy other people’s used boxes, but it’s simple and profitable!

Eglu Chicken Hutches

These supercute chicken coups by Omlet tap into the trend for keeping chickens in suburban, or even urban, environments. Choose from the Eglu cube, classic, go or go hutch, as well as super stylish homes for other animals, from bunnies to bees!

Hangover Helpers

Only in America could you hire in a team of ‘hangover helpers’ to do the post party clear up. They even come armed with a breakfast burrito!

I Do, Now I Don’t

Another US success story is I Do, Now I Don’t – a website that allows people to sell on their unwanted engagement rings. It just goes to show that great business ideas can be born out of even the deepest despair!

The Pooper Scooper

This idea has been around a while, but proves that great businesses can be made to fill just about any need! The dooup is feted as the ‘next generation’ pooper scooper, and it cleans, sanitises and stores in one simple movement!

The Pet Loo

If, however, your pet is too pampered to go just anywhere, the Pet Loo allows them to do it at home! A square of fake grass atop a waste containment system, the Pet Loo is ideal for if your animal wants to go when you’re not home to let them out for a number two al fresco.

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However zany a business idea seems, behind it is likely to be a lot of sensible preparation. Hiscox business insurance is a must for fledging businesses, and you can find business insurance customer feedback online for peace of mind, before you let your imagination go wild!

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