Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of tech in the last decade have conquered the market and earned their fortune before they were 30.

Here is the list of the tech billionaires under 40, based on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world.

 1. Mark Zuckerberg (30)

34.4 billion dollars – Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook


2. Dustin Moskovitz (30)

8.1 billion dollars – Moskovitz was the third co-founder of Facebook. He has founded software company Asana and Good Ventures company with his wife.


3. Jan Koum (39)

6.8 billion dollars – Koum is founder and CEO of WhatsApp, that has been acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollars in February 2014.


4. Travis Kalanick (38)

5.3 billion dollars – Kalanick is co-founder and CEO of Uber


5. Garrett Camp (36)

5.3 billion dollars – Camp is co-founder and president of Uber. He was first the co-founder of StumbleUpon.


6. Eduardo Severin (33)

4.9 billion dollars – Severin is co-founder of Facebook, and since then he has moved to Singapored and he gave up his US citizenship.


7. Nick Woodmen (39)

Nick is co-founder and CEO of GoPro. He was the highest paying CEO in US.


8.  Jack Dorsey (38)

2.5 billion dollars – Dorsey is co-founder of Twitter and he owns 4% of the company. He has also founded the company Square.


9. Sean Parker (35)

2.5 billion dollars – Parker is co-founder of Napster and board member at Facebook.


10. Robert Pera (37)

Pera is founder of Ubiquiti Networks company.