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Have you ever wondered how much your job is worth? Would you like to know where is the place where your colleagues can be found on the payment scale, yet no one tells you a thing? Well, believe it or not, there might be a smarter strategy that you can take up in order to feel both appreciated and ready to hit the ground in style. Nowadays, we all know that people who have the same jobs in the same domain and the same company might be paid differently, in accordance to the method in which they managed to negotiate their payment. Still, if you did not manage to get the big fish from the very beginning, there might be a way to help you solve things out. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover our top 3 sings that tell you can ask for a raise!

  1. Your Experience

Whenever you are asking someone for something, especially a CEO or a boss for more money, the best method to do that is to offer something in exchange – such as telling them that your experience is definitely worth the money. By this way, your requirement has a valid argument, reason why they will definitely think of it in rational terms and consider your proposal. Without this aspect, sooner or later the person who receives your requirement will not take into account your wish and instead, he or she will just let it away and tell you that it is up to you what to do – either stay or leave, since they cannot help you with more money. Of course, such a reply is not at all rewarding, reason why it is utterly importance that whenever you ask for something, you will be able to do that in such a way that you can put a solid motivation besides it. And thus, the experience is definitely one to go for, since no one will tell you no if your experience is made of some 10 years with loads of successes. In such a situation, you are definitely a person for whom the company does anything to keep into the business, since you know how to handle everything.

  1. The Ending of the Year
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Believe it or not, another aspect that tells you that you should ask for a raise is the moment that approaches the ending of the year. During this period, both the salaries and the contracts are renegotiated, which means that you can ask for a higher payment. In most of the companies, each employee receives an increase in percentage which basically motivates him to remain in the firm and do what he can do best to have a new increase in the forthcoming years. Thus, if you feel like the end of the year is close enough, you can start to put into practice your strategy and start the new year with more money per month. Even though you think that this is not something that can be done, in reality things like this are always seen, yet only with those who have the necessary guts to ask for more. In addition, who says that at least $100 increase per month is a bad thing? By making an easy and fast calculation, this will help you get as much as $1.200 per year as an increase in your salary, which means that you can basically get half of your salary with just an increase of $100. We might not know about you, yet those money might come in handy for, let’s say, a holiday, a new computer or for your kids.

  1. The Good Things Heard About Your Activity

Whenever you hear that you are being praised for what you did in the current year, you know that it is the right moment to ask for a raise. Believe it or not, due to your glorious success, people managed to make some great money on your back, reason why you should ask for your part as well. Of course, the payment will not at all be as great as their parts, yet you can always ask for $500 in your monthly payment in addition to your normal salary. By this way, you are one step closer to making your dreams come true and, at the same time, feel great about the fact that you are seen with such great eyes and that you efforts are truly sustained. Moreover, bear in mind that when people are talking good things about you, it is a great opportunity to ask for more, especially financially speaking. Thus, what are you still waiting for? Have you already managed to ask for your raise?

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