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Top 3 Tips to Get Better Grades Every Student Should Know

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Are you in the University? Good. The life of a student might be as easy as you could ever find one, if being properly lived. There are some hints, tips and tricks for you to try out and see how your life is closer to being successful. In case you want to know what we have recently discovered, let me take you into my life as a present student and see how I manage to be in top 3 at the University – and there is no joke. I really am. Stick with me and keep on reading, I will let you know some of the tricks you could use to look smarter than you already are!

Beautiful calligraphy

Every professor would be extremely impressed while reading a beautiful written paper. And I am not exactly referring to the quality, but to the appearance of your writing. In case you want to get a better grade, of course the quality matters – but there is the writing appearance that makes the difference between your paper and someone other’s! Invest in your calligraphy and you will slowly see how easily you would get a +1 at any grade you have.

Sophisticated Vocabulary

Another tip I got for you is in regards to the vocabulary and the quality of your paper. Before any test or exam, make sure you have searched for new not-so-known words that can turn your paper into a beautiful one! Any professor would be more than enchanted to read something new, different from what they usually read in any paper. I did this for many times and I have seen that teachers have always appreciated my paper with better grades from 9 to 10 when they spotted something peculiar.

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Student-Professor Relationship

Now, I am not referring to doing all what your professor says to you or being next to him 24/7. No way, this is out of the story. The student-professor relationship is in regards to letting him know about your interest in what he taught you – in short, as much as he sees you interested; he will not let you down but show respect. When deliberating for putting a grade on your paper, he will take into account your presence to his class, the way you spoke to him all if your name rings a bell to him!

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