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Nowadays, working on the right track seems to be a risky business. Everytime we wish to give the best to our job, finishing the work on time and not having to exceed the daily schedule we tend to become less and less motivated to do so. And yet again, at night, when we go back home in the middle of the night, we perceive life as a harsh experience that takes out all of our efforts. But things should not be that way – there are ways that you can finish your stuff on time, with a little organizing. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over our top 4 excuses to avoid when wishing to be prolific!


  1. Underestimating Yourself

From time to time, people interfere with a bad day. This is a monthly routine, and it is inevitable to always avoid days like these. All you can do is to create the special receipt that you can use in order to decrease the number of bad days. Thus, it is imperative to stop underestimating yourself, due to the fact that once you do that, you have no motivation to stand up and kick off the day.


  1. Believing You Have No Time for Everything

To be completely frank, you do have time for everything that you have in mind. If you get more organized and start deciding what days are for certain activities (and stick to this schedule 100%), there is simply no chance for you to go wrong. By this way, you get to see what you love doing and what you can benefit of as a therapeutic activity.

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  1. Thinking You Are Not Ready

Oh, really? But when will you be? Believe it or not, it depends just upon yourself when the right time should be, yet you wait too much, the opportunity might go just right around you and leave. This is not exactly what we want, don’t we?


  1. Lying to Yourself

Of course, white lies are welcoming as long as they do not hurt anyone. If they are said in order to motivate yourself, they are pardonable. But lying to yourself and starting to make compromises just do not work. You are so much more than that.


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