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If you’ve just made the switch from cubicle life to freelance life, you’re probably a bit nervous and excited about your new venture. As a freelance writer you can set your own schedule, write content that’s appealing to you and go after big name clients – all without a micromanaging boss breathing down your neck..

Like most businesses, the internet has forever changed how freelancers work. These days, a freelancer doesn’t have to leave their home office. With a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop, you can email clients, post content and collect a paycheck all online. The internet is also a great way to find new clients. If you’re looking for a few places to wet your writing whistle, check out these three popular website for freelance writers.


Elance is like a writer’s craigslist on steroids. The site allows companies to post jobs and writers to bid on those projects. Millions of writers have created an Elance profile and use the site to track down new jobs. From social media projects to blog writing and everything in between, you’ll find a whole host of opportunities. While the site does offer a lot of job postings, be aware that some companies are out for the lowest bidder. In the beginning, you might have to take on a few project to build your reputation on the site, but don’t sell yourself short. Be fussy about which jobs you apply for. You can use this site without paying a membership fee.

Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch is a fee-based site for freelancers. While it does charge $7 a month to access the job board, most freelancers say it’s well worth it. Like Elance, the site allows members to bid on jobs, but the number of competitors you’ll face is drastically reduced. It can be hard to get noticed, especially if you’re just starting out, or looking to diversify. This site gives you a competitive edge. Plus, a lot of the employers are loyal to this site and don’t post their jobs anywhere else.

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This site is always looking for “guides” to write about specific topics. For example, they might look for a guide to contribute spa articles or blogs about window treatments. It’s very specialized. The advantage to this site is the pay. They’re known for being one of the better paying sites out there for freelancers. The downside is it’s tough to break into. You’ll need solid writing samples to crack this company. You’ll have to watch the site for new opportunities and you’ll probably apply more than once to land a spot.

Freelance Writing Gigs

This site updates a list of freelance jobs quite frequently. It’s a popular site, so it’s best to focus on the newest postings. Often times, employers start with their first bids and work their way through the list until they find the person they’re looking for. There is value in getting to a job fast, so keep an eye on this site throughout the day.


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