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While trying to welcome the new year arrival, most of us are heading towards the resolutions that are ought to be fulfilled – and one of the most common one is the wish to change your present work place, or make it better. Still, if you are one of them, make sure to go through the next list to see what are the jobs you are ought to avoid if you do not want to waste your energy and get nothing in refund!

Street clown

One of the most taken up job by students is the street clown one. There is no chance of you not having interfered with this type of job, since you can see at least two of them running over the streets and making fun of themselves in order to get some money. The biggest disadvantages of such a job involves working with hours for a minimum of pay, as well as difficult situations you are being put over – the more you stay on streets, the more colds you could get and any other things might happen.


Another job ought to be avoided in 2014 concerns paperwork! In case you are not the type of person who would rather stay the whole day in a bureau, switching papers and doing nothing but filling his head with them, then it is highly recommended for you to stay away from it!


When we talk about a restaurant, we talk about meals, money and dirty dishes. There are hundreds of people working in the back of the kitchen, washing dishes the entire night and receiving so little for such a tough job. Make sure not to be one of them, if you take real care of your hands and rather spend your precious time on something clever than that.

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Kids, voices, energy, no sleep at all… These are the main disadvantages of taking up the educator job – it is a heroine one. Still, life is more than just running around with a bunch of kids at your hands. If you feel like giving up fastly at this job, and do not like children as much as you should, avoid being an educator!


For years now, being a telecommunicator turned into a real headache to so many of us! Saying the same story to so many people and being dissapointed by so many of them who actually hand up while you are talking is not something you might be proud of… so, why not to avoid it?


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