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Do you and your employees keep losing track of your projects and deadlines? Do you find yourself overloaded with emails, phone calls and business meetings? Do you wish you could change your business processes and focus on more important, big-picture tasks?

If you said yes to all of these questions, it’s the right time to start thinking about turning to technology in order to make your life much easier. And if you still aren’t sure whether this is the right move for you, make sure you check out the following 5 reasons for automating your business processes using professional services automation software.

Easier Communication

Emails and short conversations may be a good way to discuss your projects but they sure aren’t enough for an organized collaboration. Luckily, today there are platforms where you and your employees can discuss every single aspect of the projects you’re currently tackling. This will help you get things done both faster and more efficiently. On the other hand, if you decide to stick with emails and sticky notes, you’ll never be able to know who got your message and whether they’ve understood it completely.

Staying in Touch with Your Customers

No matter how satisfied your customers our, they all sometimes need to be reminded that they can turn to you next time they look for the products or services you offer. And is there a better way to do this than sending personalized emails? With the new automation tools, personalized emails can be sent to all of your customers with just a few clicks of a button. You can find out more on how to make the most out of designing a large number of personalized emails for your customers in this blog post.

Less Phone Calls

Nobody enjoys being interrupted by incoming phone calls all they long. Therefore, you might like the idea of having someone do this for you. And with the right automation tools, you can have someone else do it for you. There are professionals who will answer all the calls and provide simple info or take messages for you. And the best things is that your virtual receptionists can be located anywhere and there will be no phone calls interrupting you and anyone else in the office.

Less Manual Errors

No matter which aspect of your work we’re talking about, manual errors are something that can always occur. For example, you can easily forget about a payment you’re supposed to make or a sale you’re supposed to approve. But with automated workflow, mistakes like this will be minimized. Mistakes are also quite common when it comes to designing an employee shift schedule. But today, there are employee schedule makers like the one you can find at that can help you do this without having to worry about any potential errors.

Stronger Social Media Presence

Imagine if you didn’t have to spend hours planning social media posts for your business’s Facebook and Twitter page. Well, with new social media scheduling software, you can easily make this come true. These tools can recycle your social media content and re-post it on rotating schedule. This means you will directly communicate with your customers without having to do anything at all. Social media automation is a great set-and-forget solution, especially if managing your social media presence takes too much of your time.

Even though automation won’t save you from all the challenges that come with being a business owner, it will certainly make your life easier. Just make sure you always keep looking for new ways you can automate your business processes and give yourself and your employees plenty of room to deal with more critical tasks.


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