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Have you ever spotted an item that you liked and wished you could have it, but when you got back you could not find it? Would you like to make sure that this does not become an addiction? Well, believe it or not, you are at the right place and at the right time to discover more about it. Nowadays, one of the best advantage we have interfered with is the possibility of doing online shopping. From any place you want to order your stuff, you can do that in a matter of time – and everything will be at your door. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover the top 5 tips on how to stop shopping online!

  1. Leave Your Cards Somewhere You Cannot See Them

One of the main reasons why you do online shopping consists in the fact that your needed documents are all at your hands. Departing with this idea into our mind, there is no wonder why it is better to leave your cards somewhere you cannot see them. By this way, the temptation decreases – since you need to fill in information about yourself, as well as the necessary details which are written upon your card. On the other hand, this is one of those reasons why it is so much better just to set aside everything, so you will not be put in the situation of forgetting your money or credit cards somewhere – due to the fact that you did not get them out of your wallet.

  1. Delete the Existing Accounts
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Believe it or not, another wonderful way to make yourself stop shopping online is to delete your existing accounts. Because of this aspect, you will be 100% sure that it will take so much time to set again your stuff in the right order. Basically, the idea behind is that you will require time, effort and attention in order to create again an account – and thus, you will be less willing to set your existing accounts in the right order. Long story short, by this way you are able to stop yourself from shopping online – it is a matter of strategy that you will simply adore!

  1. Unsubscribe from News

Temptation meets its peak whenever your eyes meet the colors, the shape but not the price. If you want to stop yourself from making online shopping (which, in many of the cases, result in paying an arm and a leg at the cashout) you might wish to unsubscribe from fashion news or any other kind of news that you are part of the subscription. Basically, the idea behind is that you will be able to keep yourself away from anything that can be of a great temptation for you. Of course, it takes time and a lot of inner power to make it go, but trust me – the sooner you do this, the better. Your bank account will definitely make sure that you are on good hands – as well as your money!

  1. Set Limits

When it comes to spending, one of the worst things we do is not setting limits. Of course, this aspect ends in a bad manner, since from this moment on we open the debt process. In order to put a some kind of bareer between what you have and what you want to have, it is imperios to set limits – some that will make sure that your money are well split. Trust me, it does not require a lot of knowledge, but some time and a good prioritisation of your wishes and needs. On the other hand, limits are powerful instruments that help us be more than in accordance with everything we share, own and wish to control. Basically, the idea behind is that you can do anything if you have some kind of control over the situation – by imposing yourself some limits to get you going.

  1. Try Offline Shopping
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Another mistake we somehow tend to fall into is the fact that by seeing the products online, sometimes we imagine that all of those things will look just the same when they will be in our home – from clothes to interior design, for most times stuff are not just like that. Instead, they are quite different, and we realise that just later, when they are already in our house. If you aim at stopping yourself from online shopping, the best idea would be to try offline shopping – in no time, you will sense the difference for sure. These being said, what are you still waiting for? Have you already managed to stop yourself from online shopping?


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