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Have you ever wished how come that people who share the same job and position manage to have different salaries? Would you like to gain more, yet there is something that holds you back from asking for a raise? Well, believe it or not, this talk is quite sensitive and hard to cope with. Nowadays, the vast majority of the people who are in the industry find it difficult to approximate the sum of money that they should receive on their work, since usually the payment is a confidential information. Still, if one wants to know the average, he is able to do that through various platforms and online resources. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover our top 5 tips on increasing the chances to get a raise!

  1. Know Your Reputation

Believe it or not, in each company each employee has a certain reputation. If you are seen with good eyes, there are high chances to get a raise in a fast manner, with no other necessary requirements. On the contrary, if your reputation is not that bright, there are also chances that you will not be able to obtain what you mostly wish for due to various reasons. Still, either way the part you are finding yourself into, it is better to know, from the very beginning, just where you stand. With this specific detail into your mind, you will be able to take up the right strategy. Now, the first type implies knowing that you are seen in a positive manner by all other people. If you do so, asking for a raise is a simple process – it actually should go just as smooth as expected. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a harsh reputation, you will need to construct and sustain your case in the best possible way. To do so, add the following elements: your experience within the company, the number of years in the activity as well as the reasons why you need that – to be more motivated and ready to increase the overall profit for the firm. If you use these two strategies, receiving a raise should not at all be a problem.

  1. Know How Much To Ask For
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Okay, so after you decide to ask for a raise, you should be expecting the fact that the boss or the CEO will need to know how much is the sum that you want in addition to your present salary. Since asking for making it double might not be the right case for you, you might want to go to percentages – let’s just say 10 to 20% if you find them open for the discussion. With all of these aspects into your brain and their brains too, there is no reason why you would need further information. Now, you should expect that they will say that what you ask is way too much (this is the general response in these situations). If you want to avoid such things or at least get the outcome that you have in your mind, make sure that you ask with 5% over what you have in mind. So, if you want a raise of 15%, make sure that you say 20%, since business owners have this tendency to negotiate each salary and have the satisfaction that they had the last word. Thus, leave it to them, but take what is yours. This strategy is bound to helping you get the outcome expected, since it is easy, fast and extremely smart – you will see that as soon as you put that into practice.

  1. Keep Your Point of View

In some cases, CEO might try to influence you on making you feel as if your request is not at all sustainable. Still, if you really want to obtain what is yours, you need to go until the last point of the deal. This is not at all a problem, since the reason why you are in front of his eyes is to ask for money – the ones that you deserve for what you do for the company. Now, if you feel such a situation coming across, make sure that you do not leave your point of view being left in the van. Instead, sustain it with all of your forces, since this is the only chance you get to tell what is on your soul – as well as your requirements for the contract between you two to go on smoother than ever before. If you fail at this and the CEO sees that you are not as motivated and ready to convince him, you might end up even with less money than in the initial moment.

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