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Many candidates today have a hard time meeting their employer’s expectations when it comes to financial careers. Employers often want people with a great educational background such as a finance MBA online, experience and good work ethic. In order to develop your career in finance, it is essential to understand the different career options you have and what employers expect from you.

Financial controllers

Financial controllers are professionals who are responsible for financial planning, organizing the budget management and debt financing. Financial controllers work in companies and corporations, banks and other financial institutions. They also work for the government. A good financial controller should be able to motivate the financial team to provide quality work and in good time.

In order to become a financial controller, you need a bachelor’s degree in business or a finance related course as well as a master of business education focusing on finance or accounting. Being a certified public accountant also helps in the job. It takes a lot of experience to get to the senior-level of the finance department.

Tax managers

All businesses and organizations need a professional to handle their taxes. The roles of a tax manager include overseeing taxes, reporting and planning. These professionals ensure that companies’ tax returns are complete and accurate to avoid penalties. They also ensure that the company complies with all tax laws.

Having a certified public accountant (CPA) designation is crucial to working as a tax manager. Having an MBA specializing in accounting and taxation also helps. The key to success as a tax manager is specializing in the field.

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Although it is quite common to find accountants, this is still a great financial career to practice. Money has become a huge part of any operation in the world today. Therefore, the accountant jobs are always available. Accountants examine financial trends, operational costs and analyze financial reports to give recommendations on the best financial practice. Accountants have to keep a close eye on the assets of the organization, profits and losses, liabilities and financial activities.

A degree in accounting, a CPA and work experience is what most employers are looking for in an accounting candidate. As an accountant, you can also specialize further in certain areas of finance such as investment banks, hedge funds or private equity funds.


Financial analysts

Financial analysts are the professionals that ensure the business is operating its finances efficiently for maximum profit. Analysts have to determine the value of the business and analyze its business practices to come up with recommendations.

Analysts need a good understanding of taxes, accounting, economics and finance. A CPA designation and certification is also necessary for this job. Having a strong mathematical background with a bachelor’s degree such as statistics, it can help to qualify for this job. As a financial analyst, it is advisable to choose jobs that offer a long-term growth opportunity.


Financial professionals also come in handy when buying cars. People need to get financing, insurance, pay taxes or plan for a car lease with the help of finance professionals.


Jeremy Keegan is an accountant with years of experience in the industry. You can read more about certified pre-owned cars from his blog.

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