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One of the ways that Canadians are getting the cars they need is through car subscription services. As a driver, you can customize your use of a car by choosing a monthly car subscription. You join through an app, and you choose the monthly plan that you want. You can use the car you choose until you want to make a change, and then cancel your subscription or change it. This offers more convenience than leasing or buying because you aren’t locked in. Take a look at the top five benefits of car subscription services. 

1. You Can Change Cars

If you want to use an SUV in the winter, but when spring comes you want a convertible, it is easy to make this change. You can choose the car you want when you want it, and then change it when you want to. When you live in Canada, the seasons change, and you may want to drive a different car when they do. Rather than getting locked into a car for two or three years, you can change it out as often as every 30 days. You have the opportunity to use the car you want and then try something else. 

2. You Can make an Agreement That Suits Your Schedule

Some people don’t need a car all the time. You might split your time between two places, or you may only need a car at certain times during the year. When you buy or lease a car, you are locked in for the term of the lease or until you sell the car, and there is no flexibility. If you use a monthly car subscription, you can get a car when you need it, return it, and get another when the time comes. This is a flexible option that works well for people who don’t need a car all the time. 

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3. You Can Sample Your Favourite Cars

Some people love cars, and they want to try many different options. There is a difference between looking at a car and actually driving it, and with your car subscription, the car is yours to drive when you have it. This service is similar to a buffet for car fanatics, and you can sample each one. Some people use the car subscription before they purchase a car because it allows them to see what it will be like to live with the car. You can choose luxury cars, SUVs, or regular sedans, so you can find the car of your dreams.

4. It’s a Simple Process

When you go to the dealership for a traditional lease or purchase, it takes a lot of your time. They run credit checks and fill out a great deal of paperwork while you wait. With a monthly car subscription, you can get approved in as little as 30 minutes. Often all you do is download an app and apply, and they let you know your status. Once you are approved, you choose your car. When you are ready to change cars, you don’t have to worry about a buyout or penalty; you simply go through with the transfer. 

5. You Don’t Have to Worry About Maintenance

Finally, a huge benefit of car subscriptions is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or roadside assistance. The cars in your plan typically come with maintenance, and the subscription company takes care of it. Subscription cars often are covered with roadside assistance as well. These companies work hard to make it easy for you while protecting their investment, and this translates into convenience for you. When you have the car, it is yours to use, but when you want to return it, you can. You can take a break or swap it for another car. This is a flexible and convenient option. 

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