Image courtesy of Ivan Zanotti photos
Image courtesy of Ivan Zanotti photos
A holiday is something that many people spend their whole year looking forward to. They feel that it is something that they can use as a reward for their hard work and have a relaxing time. However, holidays can be expensive and if you are worried about the cost then it can mean that the holiday is not as relaxing as it may otherwise have been. Below are some ways that you can still have a relaxing holiday but not pay so much money.

Have a staycation
One way to save money is to have a staycation. This can feel like a holiday if you make it as like a week away as possible. Treat your home like you would if it was a holiday home, this means put anything to do with work and chores. Make sure it is all clean and tidy at the beginning of the week. Spend days going out and about exploring the area, perhaps going to places you have not been to before. Concentrate on having more family time and relaxation time.

Do lots of research
It is worth doing a lot of research before you book a holiday. There are many holiday options out there and the prices vary a lot. This can even be the same holiday but priced differently depending on when you book and who through. This can be confusing, but it is worth familiarising yourself with what is available so that you have an idea of where you find the cheaper deals. Ask friends and family too as they may have cheap ways to book holidays as well.

Look for coupons or vouchers
There are often coupons or vouchers available for things these days and holidays are no exception. Usually these are found in newspapers or online. You may be able to take advantage of cash back on some websites or money off. Once you have decided what sort of holiday you want, then looking for these deals could reduce the price even more.

Travel outside of peak time
If you travel in peak time it is always going to be more expensive. For example, travelling in the school holidays will be more expensive than outside of those. Also travelling at the main commuting times may also be more expensive. Sometimes it is dearer to travel on certain days of the week. It depends how you are travelling, but it is wise to look into this as you could change the price significantly if you just move the days of travel a little bit.

If you stay in a place that you can cook you own meals, you will find that it is a lot cheaper than eating out all of the time. For some people, being able to avoid cooking, can be a big part of the holiday experience for them. However, for others, this can save a significant amount of money. If you do not want to cook all of the time, you could eat out for a min meal and have breakfasts and lunches or tea at your accommodation and that could save a lot of money.