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Writing a blog about how to make money online and keeping it on top of search engines is not an easy task.

People are looking for unique and profitable opportunities online, they need information.

Providing this and making sure that it’s effective can be so hard sometimes.

My blog, for example is one of many that is updated regularly and where you can learn a lot about how to make money online.

But still, I write every kind of tips and tricks that will bring you extra income online, working from home can be very stressful, since you need to arrange your time very precisely, and still to manage other jobs, family and education.

To make money online and from home is very possible and I will show you couple of great Blogs whose admins are really smart and know what they are talking about when it comes to learn you how to earn extra income from home and working couple of hours a day.

I try to visit them as much as possible my time allows me and I need to do this, because this guys are my competition and they keep me to write more and be even better in what I do.

And this will certainly help you to work from your computer and make your life easier, on this way we will all gain something.

I will try to write something about every blog that I noticed and make it easier for you people online to gain more knowledge about making money.

This will be great list and don’t just skip it, check every blog/site, they are worth of your time, I hope that they will not see this in some bad light (smile).

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Make Money With Forum

If some of these Bloggers are “she”, please notify me, I will be glad to correct it.

Make Money Blogsbest blogs where you can read and learn how to make money online.


TheWebMoneyWorld – Well, this Blogger is really fast thinker , His blog is just little more then year old but information that he provide are unique and I he is on the first page for make money online keyword and some other ones. Simple design and a lots of content.

Carlocab – The kid blogger, learn from him since he’s in these types of water from early age.

101waystomakemoney – One of the first and rank number one for this amazing keyword, a tons of articles and ideas.

Blogstash – Simple and powerful, Saeed, but call him Satrap, has a lot of nerves when it comes to writing, detailed and informative blogger. Check one of his most popular articles: “53 ways to make money online”, it will leave you speechless.

Canimakebigmoneyonline – great blogger, father in first place, George has really unique blog and unique way of writing, you will not be bored reading his posts trust me.

IncomeDiary – very beautiful designed blog, funny titles and Blog posts that will inspire you while reading them, Michael is great blogger and I follow him for quite some time and learn from him. Also check his Retireat21 blog.

Makemoneyonlinegrizzly – blog about how to make money online, also one of the first people out there that used unique techniques and writing, Griz goes strait to the point, he doesn’t hide anything, very interesting to read.

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How Can I Get Rich?

DailyBlogTools – if you want to find a blog where you will learn something outside the boundaries of make money online topic, then Sai is your man, he will provide you with a lots of tips that you are looking for. He simplify the things that are hard to understand.

Techiemania – very open minded and unique, learn more then you can. Sathishkumar writes about things that you thought are just impossible, great blog.

Rojish – this guy really wants to help people, he will explain everything in details and will research every possible corner for new opportunities, check him out.


Enjoy, these bloggers are the ones you should check, there are many others, I will add them soon, but these guys just know how to make you follow your dream and to be great in making money online and more.


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