For a person who is venturing into the big world of internet to make a passive income can be an intimidating job. There are a zillion number of websites span all over the world which provide information and at the same time earn passive income. The residual income comes from varied streams such as adsense clicks, Chikita, Amazon and Ebay sales.

A blog that does not have a good amount of traffic or is not optimized well will have lower earning potential. Many online entrepreneurs who have made it big in the internet world had made the choice of shifting from getting onetime upfront fees to a regular passive income. Here is the list of sites that generate income-


Online world has become the home for many how to guides which make like easier for the common man. Writers get 50% of the total adsense share by writing explanatory guides about the products you use.


After the Panda update online writing sites have changed quite a bit and the quality standards have become higher. If as a user you are considering infobarrel bring you’re top game each and every time. Self promotional articles will be denied immediately. 75% of the time the publishers affiliate codes are shown and the other 25% the InfoBarrel codes are displayed.


You get 50% of the advertising revenue generated from your content by the lenses you create. Yes a page you create is called a lens. Paypal is the medium by which persons all over the world can earn a steady income. You have two options to donate or keep your earnings to yourself.

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An article sharing website where authors are compensated directly through the Google Adsense program. You can either chose to write an article of above 150 words or a social bookmark but you can earn revenue from articles only. It is a PR4 site that gives 60% of the share to the writing community.


Write quality content articles and you can earn a passive income generated by adsense. The ratio of earnings is 80:20, the ads that are displayed on your article are 80% of the time your own ads that you will be credited for if anyone clicks on them. The other 20% is snipsly teams share.


This site is a great asset of freelance writing jobs. It is important to show them your area of expertise and then you can write content. The main topic areas focus on lifestyle areas such as home, design, and finance. Writers, once they are authorized to contribute to the site, may write on any topic, regardless of prior knowledge.

On a final note-

Personally if you are serious about making a steady online stream for yourself then you should start with your own blog. The online sites have the right to your content and have rules and control on your data. With some directed effort towards maintaining a site with quality content and effective SEO you will be on the right track for great success online.

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  1. Great list of AdSense revenue sharing sites, Mary. Although, I don’t prefer to use revenue sharing sites as I have my own sites, but I did use to publish content on some of these sites in the beginning.

    P.S. – James, the new design of the site looks awesome. Elegant, beautiful and responsive :).

  2. Thank you for your kind words Priyan, it still needs some final design and function fixes but yes It looks nice.
    I’m happy, and you are doing good job with your website too.

    have a great day 🙂

    • Hi Jason, thank you for mentioning Bukisa, I’m sure that Mary knows about it, maybe she just forgot to add it to the list.
      But it’s true, it is still one of the best revenue sharing websites.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Suite 101 has closed it’s doors to revenue sharing with article writers. They stopped accepting articles as of 15 March. They are still paying writers for their existing work though it’s not much. Suite have gone in a completely new direction with the aim to make the site more interactive. A little like Facebook, where people talk about experiences. Not sure how this will go. If you have any information on pay per view sites I would love to see a list of those; as I am having drama with Adsense. I have an account but it’s not active yet. Many writers out there are looking for site that have no Adsense Id requirement. If you have any information I would appreciate it. You can email me: janelle.coulton@live.com.au

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