make money online

It’s been a while, since I wrote something like this, and I’m sorry for that. I ventured into so many other things online, from affiliate marketing to creating some new blogs.

Many people think that it’s easy to make money online, but it’s not, you need to work really hard and to think outside the cubicle* for a while until you find something that works.

Once you find it, stick to it, make it better and continue to evolve from that, I did the same thing with this blog. I created a brand, and I built an online business, now all I need to do is to invest the money I earned into some new and interesting things.

If you have something interesting that you started, drop me an email, I’m always looking to invest in something new, and useful.

Lets get started with the tools you can use to make money with your blog.

Wp Bannerize – one of the best wordpress plugins that I use to track my advertisers and clicks. Simple to install and really easy to use. Try it out, you will get hooked.

Tweetily – tweet WP posts automatically, you have no Idea, how many times this plugin brought new customer to my blog just by using the power of the twitter. Another simple and useful plugin.

LinkVehicle – When I started working with linkvehicle, I never thought that I will make this much money with them. But their online tool for content marketing just works, and new jobs are just coming back to me, I earn quite some cash every month just by being the part of this network.

Fotolia/123RF – these two sites are one of the best ones for affordable and nice looking stock photos. My blog gained more traffic and recognition because of the unique looking photos I buy from them.

There you go, simple tools that I use every day in my blogging business and they help me earn more, jsut by working from home.

If you’re doing a lot of affiliate marketing on your blog and you want to turn all or some of your links into affiliate ones, then the great solution can be EasyAffiliate or SkimLinks.

If you have any other tools to add, I will gladly publish them, thanks for reading.