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The world of work is changing, and while the changes may be happening steadily, the effects are expected to have an impact on workforce management. Compare work life now with ten or five years ago, and you’ll see a clear difference. Workforce management today is far more complex, and organizations are having to adjust to a more demanding work environment.

With new regulation changes that are impacting the way businesses operate and workforce adaptations that are changing how organizations interact with their employees, business executives must maintain agility and look forward to a changing workforce demographic that requires better planning and forecasting.

Here are some of the workforce management changes that organizations should embrace:

Workforce Benefits Will Get Better

Today’s employees are increasingly expecting more out of their jobs than the typical benefits they get. New regulations like California labor laws breaks and other state and federal employee benefits are expected to be the standard culture in workforce management, even as more organizations become more creative with the benefits they offer their employees.

Beyond the traditional employee benefits, organizations are expected to invest more in workplace culture and environment by providing more enjoyable workspaces and encouraging better work-life balance as a strategy to create a greater employee experience. The good thing is, these benefits are also expected to transform today’s and future workforce.

Teamwork Will Top Individual Performance

The coming years will see team performance top individual performance as departmental walls in organizations are brought down to encourage teamwork and collaboration. This has already had a huge impact on many organizations in the past few years. As organizational tools become more complex, collaboration is now the main focus.

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Information sharing is becoming the key driver for improving organizational productivity. In the coming year and beyond, more businesses will start adopting the teamwork strategy of creating cross-departmental and functional teams that can easily collaborate and address bold business challenges to achieve high-impact results.

A More Diversified Workforce

Today’s workplace environment has become a melting pot of workforce generational differences. As more millennials enter the workforce, we should expect to see more of them rise in the ranks. This calls for organizations to prepare for a more diversified workforce. Around 36% of millennials now hold managerial positions or higher.

Many organizations are expected to struggle finding the right qualified talent to replace the retiring executives as the exodus of the Baby Boomers continues. As an organization, workforce diversity is key to progress, and we can expect to see some initial effects of millennial leadership ripple throughout organizations worldwide.

Digital Will Transform How Organizations Work

New technological innovations in the workplace are fast transforming organizations, from systems to processes and people. As an organization, you should develop strategies to keep pace with the digital revolution. With almost every sector of the workforce facing increasing pressure to adopt automation to drive efficiency, workforce management is set to change.

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While 90% of business leaders across the globe expect their industries to be distracted by digital trends, only 44% of businesses are adequately adapted to the changes ahead. Workforce management is set to be more about finding the right people and aligning them to the right roles with the right tools to ensure smooth adaptation to digital changes.

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Every new year is set to bring new challenges and obstacles, while also presenting new innovations and opportunities for businesses. As organizations continue to evolve and adapt to workforce management changes, it’s more important than ever to keep a strong focus on the foundation of any thriving business: the workforce.

Organizations must strive to create the best employee experience that attracts top talent, retains employees and encourages innovation and collaboration. This way, organizations can easily shift with new changes and be more successful.


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