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Any HR professional would tell you that recruiting the right person for a job is not the simplest of tasks. Thousands of applications come in whenever there is an opening, and things become more complicated if the vacancy is for an entry level position. It means that every time there are jobs to be advertised, the resourcing department has to leave all other obligations to concentrate on sieving one application after another. Without efficient recruitment software, it is possible for a company to bypass a qualified candidate without realizing it.

Using right software to track candidates

There are different brands of software in the market to help recruiting departments to hire competitively. Integrating such technology in your company would definitely give you an edge in time management so that a position is filled in the shortest time possible. That would allow the department to concentrate on meeting other employee needs and keep the company running smoothly.

Technology also enables you to hire the right candidate for the job. Among the hundreds of resumes that you would receive, tens of them probably have similar qualifications. It would be cumbersome to invite fifty or more people for an interview to fill a single position. The software your company uses should, therefore, have an interface that covers all the important facets that are part of your hiring policy. General special skills that your company values, apart from the academic qualifications, would significantly help in selecting the kind of applicants who can easily fit in that workforce.

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The applicant tracking tool is sometimes customized so that candidates have to go through several phases of online assessment before the successful ones are invited for the face-to-face interview. At each phase, the resourcing department is able to save the data of candidates who might be considered for future openings. The process, therefore, saves the company a lot of money that would otherwise have been used for advertising when another vacancy occurs.

Matching a candidate to a job

Companies are sometimes forced to create new positions as revolutionary technology necessitates how businesses interact with customers. The HR office must then draw details of the work while evaluating how a candidate’s academic qualifications and experience would fit into the position. Doing this manually is almost next to impossible because companies are always hiring while some are struggling to keep talented manpower in the new roles.

The applicant tracking tools give the possible recruits a chance to show what they are capable of and on attaining a certain pass-mark, they automatically move to the next stage. The HR officer in turn can easily evaluate information concerning the candidates who have passed by looking at the areas in which each one scored high marks. This instant knowledge on the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant enables the company to make the right choice.

Using human resource software eliminates the possibility of less qualified people being hired because they know someone at the company, or their certificates speak louder than their actual capabilities. It would also be easy for you to update data of the new recruits and compensate them according to their performance. If you are running a recruiting agency, you could handle hundreds of applications without much agony.

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