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Hello, dear fans of travel. Why am I guessing that you love to travel? Simple: if you found the headline of this article interesting, there is a good chance you’ve dreamed of becoming a travel blogger at some point in your life.

Visiting other countries and writing about them for work surely sounds wonderful (and it is!). Many persons who became travel bloggers started their blogs mainly for fun but later began to take them seriously. Well, people love reading about foreign countries and getting tips on how to enjoy the experience to the fullest, so they often look for advice and interesting stories.

Perhaps the best evidence of the popularity of travel bloggers is the fact that many of them earn six figures a year. That’s unbelievable considering that they have to do what they truly love!

If you want to enter this profession and earn good money, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how others did it as well give you some helpful pointers.

Let’s go!

Success Stories

1. Nomadic Matt

This website run by a New York Times best-selling author Nomadic Matt has been one of the go-to resources for people who look for traveling advice. In his blog, Matt shares tips on where to travel, how to save while traveling, and even how to travel when you have no money. His Facebook page has almost 195,000 followers, and even more visit his site for travel education.

The secret to the success of this blogger is a genuine love for travel and a desire to share the experience with others. Plus, he effectively focused on one niche: budget travel.

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2. James Asquith
The next blogger on our list is actually a pretty unique one. His name is James Asquith and he is the youngest person in the world to visit every country over five years. Asquith’s Instagram account has 192k followers, which makes him one of the most popular in this business.

Clearly, James’ passion for travel and setting world records have contributed to his success. Now, he is taking it to another level by writing books. You can check out his latest one called Breaking Borders: Travels in Pursuit of an Impossible Record
released in 2016.

3. The Poor Traveler

This blog was founded by two people, Yoshke and Vins, who shared the passion for travel but had enough money just for budget trips. When they started their journey, both of them were employed but now they were able to quit to travel “full-time.”

50k Instagram followers and 435k Facebook followers appreciate the knowledge about travel provided by this resource. Moreover, Yoshke and Vins have a pretty amazing story about how their passion became a job.

How to become a professional travel blogger?

All bloggers we mentioned above have pretty unique and amazing stories. But passion alone will not make you a professional. Of course, the barrier of entry in this business is pretty small, which is great, but don’t forget that the Internet is already full of personal travel blogs. Attracting your fair share of followers thus would be a challenging task.

So, let’s make sure your start is right.

Building an audience remains one of the most profound challenges beginner bloggers face. A blog would not be profitable if it does not enjoy a fair amount of attention from the online community. Your reader is not a professor who reads your paper writing because they have to. No one out there has to read anything your write.

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That’s why you should think about your audience before you think about making some money. Here are some tips on building the audience:

  • No one cares about your blog until they find it useful. Therefore, create only useful content like tips, cuisine recommendations etc.
  • Be active on social media because that’s where the audience is. Post at least two posts a day!
  • Make your blog interesting by doing interesting things while you’re travelling. Something challenging like embarking on Spain’s most dangerous hike Caminito Del Rey.
  • Build a list of subscribers and keep them happy by providing unique content.

Next, let’s talk about the money. Your money. Not the income, but the budget for a successful start. Be prepared to fund at least few first months of your travel because no one knows you therefore why they should invest in you. So go find your savings because an investment is critical at the beginning.

Also, don’t be cheap when it comes to useful things. For example, you might benefit from a more powerful camera or some other equipment.

The design of the website and beautiful pictures can be created by every self-respecting blogger. However, not everyone can create a unique story that will impress readers and make them return to a blog for more excitement. That story will be something that makes you stand out among other bloggers who write about the same experience.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask yourself how your life experience has given you a unique perspective
  • Make that perspective apparent in every piece you write
  • Remember: you are already positioned to produce a unique story, just find that perspective!
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At some point, you will encounter some responses from readers in the inbox. Congratulations! Finally, your friends and family are not the only ones reading your stories! Seriously, this means that some complete strangers began to follow everything you do.

Remember when we talked about the audience before? Yes, exactly! Every mail in your inbox comes from a person who can help you to another level in terms of advancing your business. So, answer every email you receive to show everyone that you’re open, approachable, and reliable. Every answer contributes to your trustworthiness as a travel blogger!

Every person has many great ideas about travel but just a fraction of them comes to fruition. The hard truth is that most of the people fear getting into travel blogging. “Yeah, it may sound simple but it’s a lot of work, I don’t think I can do it” – this is a common excuse for choosing other paths in life.

Don’t think this way! Just make a great first post and upload it for others to enjoy! That post will be an important one because it means you’re on your way to become a travel blogger and live a perfect life!

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