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It is without doubt technology has made life less hectic. Today, most businesses thrive because of technology. People can now communicate and transact with each other without worrying about borders. Transfer of money has also become flexible and faster. Economies literary depend on technology to flourish.

Smart entrepreneurs have incorporated technology into their daily operations. This has helped in reducing human error and ensuring efficiency. Technology saves a lot of time and a lot of wastages. Both of which are important if a business wants to beat the competition and turn over profits.

The impact technology has on businesses can be felt in the trucking businesses. Transportation management systems have made management or working in the trucking business much more manageable. These software’s collect data and analyze them, making it easier for you to understand them and make decisions backed by statistics and facts.

Some of them are free while some you have to pay before you can use them.

Whether you use a free or paid software, incorporating a trucking software into your trucking business should be a priority.

Below we have reviewed the top twenty software and trucking apps available in the market.

Positions on the list are random, created as I was writing the article.

Best dispatch software for trucking companies:

1. Pro-transport.

The above trucking dispatch software was created by professionals with experience in the trucking industry.

Pro- transport is straightforward and has a reputation for making things easier for trucking businesses of all sizes.

It is designed to full fill all trucking needs from driver profiles and communication, dispatch, accounting, safety, and even GPRS tracking.

Pro- transport helps you analyze all the data, which is vital for current and future decision making.

It also ensures efficiency, which is essential in the day to day running of a trucking business. Saving you a lot of time, space, and money in all departments.


Their customer care is fast and very efficient at responding to queries too. With ten years of experience in trucking and fleet management, pro- transport is one of the best software for a trucking business; however, just like most things, the software also has some limitations.


The pro-transport software has not been updated for a long time, and their customer care does not operate 24 hours a day.

2. Axon software

Axon software is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, trucking software on this list.

It was built in 1982 by Ken Sparrow, a salesman, and Andrew McKinlay, a software geek after Ken Sparrow realized that there wasn’t a useful software that solved most trucking problems.

Axon software currently has over 15,700 users from different sectors of the trucking business.

All features of the software are in real time. Meaning that the software automatically updates data in the entire system, you don’t have to update data continually.

A lot of time, money, and labor cost is saved as a result.

Axon software is also built with features such as payroll management, billing and invoicing, GPRS tracking, Accounting, order management, fleet and equipment management, and many other features.

Axon software is very flexible and can be easily customized to suit your trucking business.

It is also regularly updated to ensure that it functions seamlessly.

As much as Axon software may be slightly expensive, most of its users can attest to its efficiency and how it has helped them cut on costs while at the same time increasing productivity.

3. Dr dispatch

Dr dispatch is a trucking software created for small and medium-sized trucking businesses but can also be used by large trucking companies.

The software is user-friendly, and you do not need any IT skills to use the software.

Dr dispatch boasts of features such as filters which make it easy for you to locate any information you need faster.

Furthermore, it has features such as delivery tracking, service management, GPS tracking, order management, dispatch management, equipment management, and risk management, to name a few.

Such features allow you to take control of your business efficiently. A lot of costs on labor will be lowered because of a trucking software like Dr dispatch analyses all the data efficiently and faster.

Their customer support boats of resolving 99% of their tickets in a short amount of time.

All the stakeholders in the trucking business know time is of the essence.

A trucking software like Dr dispatch can not only save you time but also allow you to maximize every opportunity to get profits in a trucking business.

4. Ssisoftware

Ssisoftware is one of the most versatile trucking software on this list. Not only can it be used by trucking businesses but any other company.

Just like an accountant, Ssisoftware analyses all the data efficiently. Ssisoftware makes the running of a business easier.

You can easily make strategic decisions backed up by accurate statistics and data. As they say, numbers never lie.

This software has features that are tailored to fulfill most of the needs of a trucking business.

Such features include accounting, dispatch, fuel and equipment management, fleet management, and many others.

Other features like internet load tracking or fleet maintenance can be added but at a cost. All these features are executed with mathematical precision.

To ensure their uses do not occur any cost resulting from third parties, you can buy, get updates or training on how to use the software from SSIsoftware only.

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Their customer care is very efficient and is only available during weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM.

5. Trackstms.

The first few years of a business are usually the toughest ones, a company can quickly go bankrupt and be forced to shut down.

Most of them typically struggle with increasing their revenue while at the same time reducing their operational cost.

This is particularly common in the trucking business where the level of competition is stiffer.

The Trackstms software was created with all these things in mind.

You can connect your entire business making it one, making it easier to monitor your business regardless of your location.

You can easily track the movements of your trucks in real time. This trucking dispatch software makes it easy for you to manage your documents, shipments, and drivers.

Trackstms can also help increase the value of your assets by increasing efficiency.

A lot of time is saved and costs cut in the long run allowing you to focus on other things, allowing your business to grow and remain profitable for longer.

6. Mile.

Mile trucking software is one of the few trucking software that has been offering trucking solutions to trucking businesses for over a decade.

This has allowed them to design further software that will solve most of the current problems trucking businesses face.

Mile trucking software is suitable for both large and small enterprises.

Mile trucking software can be used on various devices as long as they are connected to the internet.

It also allows faster communication between the business manager, the drivers, and customers.

Other features in the trucking software include accounting, load planning, safety compliance, and dispatch.

The data is updated throughout the system in real time, reducing a lot of workload and duplication.

Their customer support is always active 24/7 and always respond to queries fast in a short amount of time.

This software can be synchronized with Microsoft Excel and other accounting and trucking software to ensure efficiency.

7. Truckingoffice.

This is one of the best and affordable trucking software in the market for small and medium-sized trucking companies.

Most of its features and functions are designed to ensure frequent and costly errors in the trucking business. It helps you organize, retrieve, and update data easily.

A lot of time and costs are bound to be saved since there will be no need for hiring people. The company behind truckingoffice does offer a one month free trial for people who are interested in their software.

They also do provide a free online course on how to use their software efficiently. However, the app is simple and relatively easy to use, even if you skip the online class.

The software is always updated, which is vital for the performance of the software without a cost.

Standard features in the software include fleet management, inventory management, order management, shipping management, GPS tracking, and accounting.

This allows you to be well informed and organized when it comes to running your trucking business.

8. Truckstop.

Also referred to as “internet truckstop,” truckstop is one of the first and few freight matching market places on the internet.

This means trucking businesses can always get jobs that suit you by just surfing online. Allowing you to get clients quickly and build long term relationships which will end up being profitable both for the business and the client.

Truckstop is one of the few software that offers conducive conditions for a new trucking business to thrive. Once they are logged into the software, they can easily find a work that suits them.

The software has three tiers, namely, truckstop pro, truckstop advanced, and truckstop basic.

At truckstop pro, truckers get better-paying jobs compared to the other two levels.

However, a trucker will have to pay more to be at the truckstop pro compared to the other two tiers.

At the truckstop pro, you will pay $149 per month, truckstop advanced is $125 per month, and at the truckstop basic you will have to pay $35 per month.

Not only does this help you cut a lot of costs but also allows you to jobs that pay well.

9. Mcleodsoftware

Mcleodsoftware is one of the best suppliers of trucking and general transportation software.

Started in 1985, Mcleodsoftware has been designed by people with experience in the transport and trucking sector.

Regardless of the size of the trucking business, Mcleodsoftware is designed to satisfy all the needs of a trucking business.

Some of the features available in this software include accounting, customer care, fleet management, management of documents, GPS tracking, fuel management, and even management of drivers.

Apart from that, this software can also help you when you are recruiting new employees. Communication between the management team and the drivers is efficient since everything, including communication, can be done on the software.

The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even if you don’t have any IT skills.

It is easy to track and retrieve data that has been saved in the software. As much as the software may be a little expensive, it is very efficient and can ensure a trucking business is profitable.

10. Keeptruckin.

Keeptruckin is one of the few new software companies that have a vast customer base.

Currently, Keeptrucking can boast of serving thousands of clients and companies every day.

The software helps trucking business owner’s to track their drivers and goods and ensuring that everything works efficiently.

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The software has tools which make accounting, fleet management, GPS tracking, communication with drivers, and many other functions easier.

It also makes it easy to manage and organize all your documents.

The Keeptrucking customer service is always available 24/7 and is fast and efficient at responding to queries from their clients. They can be reached via a phone call or Email.

There are three tiers of the trucking software, there is a tier where it is free, but it has fewer features.

The next tier is known as starter where you pay 20 dollars every month. The starter tier has more features which cannot be found at the free level.

Keeptrucking Plus is the highest tier on this software and costs $30 every month. On this tier, there are a lot of options which can ensure the smooth running of your trucking business

11. Transportpro.

Created in 2007, Transportpro is one of the few trucking software that is good for small to midsize trucking companies and beginner truckers.

It is built to ensure the smooth running of the essentials of a trucking business. This is important if a new or a smaller trucking company wants to beat the competition and survive.

Once set up Transport pro works on ensuring that you have real-time data on billing, load management, accounts, dispatch management, safety, and fuel management.

Manager also has the opportunity to view the movements of their trucks using GPS. Communication between managers, brokers, and drivers can be done on the software instantly.

There will be less paperwork since everything is automatically updated online and saved on Transport pro clouds.

Besides efficiency, Transport pro is one of the most versatile software. In can be easily synchronized with other softwares such as Trippak to increase efficiency and productivity of the software. Always ensure that you sync your transport pro software with recommended software only.

12. Aljex

Aljex is one of the best trucking software on this list. With over twenty years of experience of providing trucking and freight software for big and small trucking companies.

Because it is cloud-based, you can easily access Aljex from anywhere. The software is easy to use and even easier to navigate through.

Aljex is designed to manage the basic and the most critical areas of a trucking business.

It is no wonder large companies like Pepsi use Aljex to manage their fleet.

The software has features that ensure efficiency in operations at different departments of a trucking company.

Such features include shipment tracking, billing and invoicing management, customer management, and many more.

Customer care at Aljex is available 24/7 and does resolve a problem in minutes and also do offer online training if you need it. Filter options are also available on the software, which allows you to quickly find what you need.

13. Trucklogics.

Trucklogistics is one of the few software’s that are easy to use and understand.

The ideal software for small and medium-sized trucking companies, but also very efficient in a large company.

It is designed to be used by all stakeholders in the trucking industry from drivers, fleet managers to business owners.

With TruckLogics you can monitor the progress of your load, trucks, and even drivers in real time.

TruckLogics is built with features such as fleet management, load management, dispatch, route planning, fuel management, accounts, and inventory management.

Such software keeps you organized without needing documents. Apart from saving a lot of time, money on labor is also saved.

Being cloud-based, you can access the software from anywhere from any device, giving you control of your business regardless of where you are.

It is affordable, and the amount of money you pay will depend on the size of your fleet. Customer care is available 24/7 and does respond to tickets in a short time. You can reach them via phone or Email.

14. Avaal.

Started in 2003, Avaal technologies is a Canadian company that offers transport solutions to small and midsized trucking companies.

Unlike other software in the market, Avaal has been built with new features such as lane profitability column and truck costing report to ensure better management of a trucking company.

It also has features such as QuickBooks integration, billing and invoicing, mileage tracking, order management, route management, GPS monitoring, and even customer management.

They do offer online and offline courses on how to use the software. Furthermore, customer service is always available in case you have any queries.

There are several versions of Avaal. With each version having different features and also cost differently. You have been given the option to choose which software serves your needs best. With such a software managing your trucking business becomes relaxed and less hectic.

15. Fog line software.

Fog line software is a flexible trucking accounting software that can be used by everyone in the trucking industry. Fog line software can accommodate every one working in the trucking industry and businesses of all sizes.

This software has features such as invoicing, document scanning, driver profile and payroll, routing, mileage tracking, and many more.

The number of features depends on your monthly subscription. The more you pay, the better the features you get.

16. Arcline 2000.

Arcline2000 is a premium accounting software created to solve common management problems in a trucking business.

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It helps you simplify operations in your company while at the same time ensuring efficiency. Arcline2000 is a flexible software that is easy to use and synchronize into your business operations regardless of the size of your business.

You can easily access the software from your phone or computer no matter where you are.

This transportation management system is built with features that ensure efficiency in departments like accounting, employee management, order management, GPS tracking, routing, and many more.

The right software for small and medium-sized trucking companies.

You can easily customize the software to satisfy the needs of your business. In case of any issues, their customer care is available to sort out any queries you may be having in a short moment. They can be reached by calling them or sending an email.

17. Loadmanager.

Though a new entrant into the trucking dispatch software industry, Loadmanager is a very effective software that can help you manage your business using your fingertips.

It can be synchronized with other software to make it more effective.

With softwares like Loadmanager, paperwork will no longer be a problem.

A lot of time and money will be saved.

It is very affordable, and the least amount of cash you will have to pay monthly is $40.

You can easily log into the software regardless of where you are using any device as long as it can connect to the internet.

The software is easy to use, but you can enroll in their online course if you want to. In case you face any challenge, you can reach out to customer care who are available 24/ 7.

Features found on the software include billing and invoicing, customer management, shipment tracking, warehouse management, invoicing, mileage calculation, and many more.

The software is very efficient and gives you essential statistics which can be used in decision making.

Loadmanager can be used by a trucking company of any size.

18. Brokerpro.

Broker pro has been offering solutions to agents, shippers, and trucking companies for over 20 years, perfecting their services with each passing year to ensure that everything works efficiently.

Not only does this save time but also a lot of money. The software is easy to use, and you do not require any relevant skill to use it.

However, Brokerpro does offer online courses to those who need them.

Brokerpro is cloud based. This means you can access the software from anywhere you are using any device.

Apart from that, Brokerpro is built with features that make the management of a trucking business easier and faster.

Some of these features include billing, accounting, invoicing, customer management, and many more, which make the management of a trucking business easier.

The software can also be synchronized with other applications such as QuickBooks and Word, to name a few to make it more efficient.

Brokerpro has a customer care service that is available and can be reached by phone or email.

19. Pcmiler.

Knowing the movements of trucks in a trucking company is very important. Knowing such information not only shows how much you are spending but also where you can cut on costs.

Pcmiler is one of the few software on this list that can help you track your fleet. It is affordable and is highly recommended for small businesses.

It has features such as dispatch management, GPS tracking, mileage tracking, fuel management, driver management, billing and invoicing management, and many more.

Driver can also use the app to find the direction to their final destination. Having such information can help you cut on unnecessary expenditure and maximize the potential of your fleet.

Pcmiler is cloud-based, which allows you to always be in control of your business no matter where you are. You can also access the software using a computer and a phone.

Payment options are very flexible. You can pay monthly or pay once for an entire year’s subscription.

20. Pcssoft.

One of the oldest trucking software on the list.

Pcssoft has over 20 years of experience at providing solutions to trucking companies.

Over the years the software has been undergoing upgrades to counter the ever-changing trucking business environment. Trucking companies of all sizes can use the software.

Currently, it boasts of features such as accounting, fleet management, fuel management, load tracking, and many more.

Pcssoft uses rates from the U.S Department of energy to calculate the amount of money used on fuel in every state.

Not only will this save you money but also ensure efficiency. Pcssoft is capable of capturing documents imaging, which helps in storing and retrieval of critical information.

You can also access the software from anywhere because it is cloud-based from any device that can connect to the internet.

In conclusion.

All of the above trucking softwares are unique and efficient in their way. They are designed to solve common problems faced in the trucking business.

They are affordable and easy to use. However, some software do offer courses on how to operate their software in case you find them hard to understand.

As a manager of a trucking company, the pressure is inevitable. But it does not have to be like that always.

A trucking software makes the managing of a trucking company easier regardless of its size.

Most trucking companies have now opted to incorporate technology into their business. Don’t be left out!


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