Nowadays, teaching a child the real reason of having a holiday is no easy task. Believe it or not, people seldom think at the meaning of a celebration, but mostly at the things ought to be made ready until the deadline comes across. And I am sure you agree with me in here, since we all crave to have the Thanksgiving turkey ready, Christmas presents all set up and the New Year’s party on! Still, when it comes to children, the best way for them to understand and feel the real reason of a holiday (and also, what lays behind it) is to follow some simple, easy but super useful steps. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over how to turn Christmas into magic this winter – for your children!


  1. Bake Cookies

I remember my mom always announced the winter approach by baking something – she used to make one of the most special Christmas receipts, one that she would take up only during this specific time of the year. In addition to this matter, oranges were everywhere in our house, since their smell was simply mirrific! You couldn’t make one more eager for the Christmas to come without these two simple yet efficient ways to welcome the most beautiful part of the year.


  1. Light on the Magic

Believe it or not, your children have to find the magic within the holidays. The best way to make them search for it is to set the light – light their way by giving light to your home – no, not burning your house! But set on some Christmas lights, ones that will make your children smile and also, ones that will make your house more ready than ever before for the big day which is bound to come!

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  1. Sing Carols

There are many religions on Earth, yet during Christmas the best way to announce your children about the approach of this specific holiday is to start singing some carols – some that they will be bount to learn, sooner or later, our from your own mouth. Singing relieves and makes everyone be more relaxed and eager to see the holidays coming in! So, what carol have you chosen this Christmas?


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