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A social media account can feel a bit like a black hole. You dive in, check out a few funny memes, watch a few viral videos, catch up with a few friends, and maybe even make a few business connections.

The problem? When you dive back out you realize three, four, or even five hours have passed.

What if your social media account didn’t have to be a black hole? What if you turned your social media account into a money-making machine? After all, who would feel bad about spending hours on social media if you knew those hours were turning into dollar signs? Fortunately, you can.

Learn From The Experts

The key to successfully turning your social media hours into dollars is not diving right in. By all means, continue to spend those hours browsing social media, but don’t dive right into trying to make money. First, you want to take a little time to learn more about making money via social media. Then, you apply what you’ve learned. This way you set yourself up for success.

According to video AFFcelerator reviews on AFFcelerator’s Facebook page, there’s a lot to be learned about making money online through mediums such as blogs, social media accounts, and websites simply by taking an affiliate marketing workshop.

While some turn to affiliate marketing workshops only after struggling to make it on their own, you can set yourself up for success by jumping into the workshops from the start. Learn all the tips and tricks successful affiliate marketers like to use.

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Grow Your Social Media Following

Every single social media account from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram can be used to make money. Imagine getting paid to share things you love on Facebook or making money by uploading pictures to Instagram.

Wondering how this works? Well, you just need to start by building a social media following. Why? Well, the bigger your social media following is, the easier it will be to turn those hours to dollars.

Promote Products And Services

Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and you’ve built a social media following, the money will come knocking on your door.

A large social media following makes you appealing to companies. Why? Because a big audience means you have a lot of eyes on you. And any smart company wants those eyes on them too.

Now, these companies are going to start to contact you. They are going to ask you to promote and/or advertise their products or services for them. The key to being successful in promotion and advertising is to make sure you only agree to work with products and services that your audience cares about.

This is going to one of those situations where it is acceptable for you to stereotype your following. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • ·  What are their interests?
  • ·  What kinds of things do they hate?
  • ·  Where do they shop?
  • ·  What services or products would they spend money on?

You create this profile for who your following is and then you determine whether or not the ideal customer for the company that has reached out to you is the same as your audience. If you decide they are, it would be mutually beneficial for you to push their products or services.

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If you try to push products or services that your audience isn’t going to be interested in just for a nice paycheck, you will quickly lose the trust of said audience.

Put Yourself Out There

Once you have a following and a profile of your followers, you don’t have to just wait for companies to come knocking on your door. Instead, you can go to them. Start searching for companies you think your following would connect with. Then, you reach out to them.

Show them what kind of following you have, any analytics you have available regarding your reach and click-throughs, and don’t forget the profile you created for your following. Finally, you offer them a sweet advertising deal!

Before you know it, you will find yourself in a situation where it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on social media.



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