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If you’re someone who has been pinching pennies and managing your accounts for a long time, you have properly got quite a big interest in money. Maybe that’s why you’re here reading this right now. No matter where your interest in finances and money comes from, you could turn into a career that allows you to earn even more of the stuff. Many financial careers offer vast opportunities for making a lot of cash. Here’s how to turn that into a reality.

Get the Qualifications You Need

For some careers, it’s necessary to get a qualification. You can’t just get started if you don’t have the standard industry qualifications that employers expect you to have. You could do an online mba in finance. This is a good idea because you can do it while carrying on with your existing job. It can fit around your schedule, offering more flexibility and less upheaval for you. Whichever way you go about getting these financial qualifications, make sure you have the right ones before going any further.

Remember Your Transferrable Skills

You will probably have a range of skills from your previous work that you can transfer when hoping to transition to a financial career. You shouldn’t forget these. They might help you make yourself more appealing to future employers when you’re looking to get started and land your first job in the industry. As well as transferable skills gained from your past career, you might also want to think about your interest in finances and how you have managed your own financial matters. The skills you have gained there matter too.

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Find Experience

You’re going to need experience if you want people to take you seriously in the financial services industry. It’s very hard to land a good job if you have no experience at all. That’s why you should look for internships and chances to get unpaid experience. You could do anything from helping out a friend with their accounts to volunteering your financial services to a charity. All of these things help you acquire the experience that you need. So, try to find that experience and get started in the right way.

Call on Contacts and Start Networking in Your New Industry

If you have amassed any contacts in the financial industry over the year, now is the time to call on them and call in any favours. They might be able to hook you up with some work that helps you to get started in this industry. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t exploit the contacts you have. As you might have heard, it’s more to do with who you know not what you know. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get started if you don’t have industry contacts. Networking in this new industry will help you start meeting people.

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There is no reason why your love of finances and all things money-related can’t land you a top job in the financial sector, so don’t rule out this possibility.


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