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If the user experience is not that much important for you, it should definitively become. Since without user experience, your business becomes useless and your sales drop.

What is user experience exactly?

Well first time I heard about it, this was my interpretation: it is experience that your service or product gives to your customers. The easier and more useful your product is and your service, online or offline, the better experience becomes.

If someone for example visits your websites and is attacked by hundreds of pop ups or can’t find they way to buy or contact you, that shows the bad experience on your website or business.

You need to make it more easier and friendly for your customers to reach you and use your services.



How to Improve User Experience on Your Website?

You can do it all manually by providing the clear picture of your business and service, you can improve user experience by providing the easier way to use your product or services. You will improve your user experience if you stay in touch with your customers and users, always see what majority is looking for. Because you can’t fulfill dream of every individual but at least you can try to fix the problem that majority have.

User experience is sometimes is hard to achieve, if you have multiple websites and big eCommerce sites for example. Then you really need help of a software. And I found out that one software called peerius is the best for that, it’s basically a Personalisation Software .

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What is Peerius?

Peerius provides a best in class service to many of the largest retailers in the UK and abroad – specialising in personalising customer experiences across multiple channels online and offline.

It combines a host of powerful algorithms (more than 70) to inform the goal – to provide a truly personalised experience for any individual customer. The products they view, the products they select, the products they ignore. The journeys that they complete and those that they abandon. Any social inputs they provide. It analyses detailed clickstream data and utilises behavioural modelling techniques in order to anticipate the buyer’s wants and needs. The result is the most personalised experience possible resulting in higher visitor conversion rates and site revenues.

Why would you do all that manually when the software’s like peerius use Website Personalisation that can automate and speed up your business. I would recommend you to check the experience your website or business is giving to your customers and visitors, you are maybe loosing potential prospects without knowing.


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