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I love the way web looks and works today, making money online becomes easier with every new day. Files and links are our future, our entire lives are online, we share, connect, play and work online.

The new technology provided us with the opportunity to take a piece of that life and share it with other people for a commission. Why not make money on the side while sharing links and content, it’s easy, fast, reliable and legitimate.

If you want to make money by uploading files and links, then keep reading, because dollarupload is new amazing website that I want to talk about with you.

How to Make Money With DollarUpload

The idea is simple but very useful and interesting, there are 3 ways you can make money with this website. You can lock portions of your website, files, or links,  and visitors will need to complete a short offer from one of their advertisers in order to gain access.

And you will get paid for every offer completed. Basically they will help you to monetize your links and content and generate revenue simply by protecting your valuable content.

They pay an average of 1 dollar for each offer completed. That means that you can earn $1,000 for 1000 visitors that completed the offer and gained access to your content.  But that’s not all, sometimes offers can range up to $20 dollars, and since I saw many positive testimonials online, I think we are looking at a leader in this industry.

How to Get Paid

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First off all, don’t upload any pornographic or copyright files, they are not allowed, don’t cheat and upload your own and useful stuff. They pay fast too, on net 15 terms, which means that money that you made in March will be paid on 15th of April and sometimes even sooner.

Ten dollars is the cash out limit and they will pay you via Paypal, Payza(Alertpay), PayQuicker, SolidTrustPay, Check, Direct Deposit(U.S.), Wire Transfer(intl), and their DollarUpload Debit Card (Payoneer).


Get Paid Quicker

You can use the quick payout feature to get your payment sent sooner. A 20% fee is taken and payments are usually sent within 24 hours.

What Files to Upload

All files are allowed, just make sure to follow the rules I mentioned earlier, your own, interesting and useful files only.

User Dashboard

Once you register and login, you will find very useful and easy to use dashboard, from there you will be able to use:

content gateways – You will be able to create your own gateway and to apply the look you want for your visitors to see when choosing offers to complete in order to gain access to your content.

upload files and mange them – to use form for uploading your files and then you will be able to create mirrors on other websites so that your visitors can download them with easy.

There is also a referral center where you can find and copy your referral URL,  every time someone joins through that URL you will earn 10 percent.

Many more options are included, like payout section and file mirrors, you just need to join in order to see for yourself.

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Why Should You Use

You should use them because they are fast, they pay good, their system is built from the ground up, and have many features and choices that will help you to create different and passive sources of online income.



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