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You know the rule – a picture says a thousand words. There is not a better situation to use this quotation in your business than in creating and designing your logo. Whether you have a big company running on a long history or you own just a small business, in both cases the logo is the key to attracting your customers. If you wish to find more in regards to the subject and fortunately find the best characteristics of your logo (simplicity, creativity and color) make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines and underline the most useful tips that you could use with your own bare mind!



Every business has a name, let alone a company. The name is the only way to identify the business in the shortest period of time, reason why it requires maximum attention. When thinking about the logo, most of them have the name within it (i. e. IKEA) – yet there are logos where you might not find the name, just the sign (such as NIKE). It is up to you which path to take up, yet you might want to take into account the fact that people would find it more useful and easier to recall your business through a short name written within the logo.


Say One Thing

Don’t be too busy! Every logo should send one message, something that would tell to the customers the main field the business is specialised in – in short, what they would get from becoming a customer. When looking into a logo, you should always rememeber that less is more. A clean concept would always be appreciated and seen rather as the perfect choice. People are usually driven by one-message images, so anytime they would need that certain service they will know where to come back.

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Shape Psychology

Believe it or not, your logo has much to tell to the world about the entire business. For instance, CIRCLES logo are conveying community and unity in a sense of complete, SQUARES show balance, professionalism and security while TRIANGLES go deeper to masculinity, power and stability. Depending on the psychology of your business along with the principles and objectives you have set to your own, you might create the logo the way you want it for the people to perceive it. Which one would be yours?


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