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When you’re looking for a new van for your business, the choice can often be overwhelming. Choosing between manufacturers, styles and sizes is one thing, but then you’re left with a multitude of finance options to choose from as well. It doesn’t need to be that difficult, though.

Take Fiat, for example. Their Professional range of commercial vehicles has been carefully designed to ensure that there’s something for everyone without having an overwhelming choice of options. If you will only be transporting small loads — for example if you’re a hairdresser, travelling salesman or beauty therapist, a small vehicle such as the Punto van could give you plenty of space without having to buy more than you need.

For something a little larger, the Fiorino van allows you to carry plenty of equipment without having to drive a huge vehicle. The Fiorino is perfect for plumbers, heating engineers, small-item couriers and gardeners, for example. If you need something bigger, the Scudo adds more space, as do the new Doblò Cargo and Doblò Cargo XL.

At the upper end of the size scale is the Ducato Goods van, which is ideal for couriers carrying lots of large items, removals companies or people who need to transport large and bulky pieces of equipment. For the ultimate in customisation, Conversion vans are available, including the Scudo Conversion, Ducato Conversion and Doblò Conversion, which all take the main chassis and cabin of their parent van and allow you to attach your own body or trailer.

Financing your new van doesn’t need to be complicated either. Fiat’s finance options include a straight hire purchase agreement, which allows you to pay a deposit and spread the rest of the cost over a number of months or years, allowing you to own the van at the end of the arrangement. If that doesn’t suit, you can pay a deposit at the start, a balloon payment at the end and spread the rest of the payments at a reduced cost. If ownership isn’t a key requirements for you, leasing a van could be another option which will reduce costs further and leave you without the hassle of having to sell it.

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Although it might look like a daunting task to buy a new van for your business, dealing with Fiat Professional makes the whole process much smoother, simpler and far more enjoyable, allowing you to concentrate on building your business.



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