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So you want to run a business right now but clueless about where to start. It happens; in fact everybody around hates being a regular office goer and I hate it too. So, I am here to give you some business ideas that you can give a try at the comfort of your home and the pay package is not anything unimpressive.

Mobile App Developer: It is cool to be a mobile app developer and you can be one. Since the demand of mobile applications is on the rise, there is an ever-increasing demand of new and fancy mobile applications to grace sleek and new cell phones. So you can earn hell lot of money without stepping from the comfort of your room.

Web Developer: Just the US has 29.6 million small businesses and as far as the reports are concerned, almost half of them do not have a website of their own. That being said, I can safely say that there will be a growing demand of web developers as more and more business organizations will be going online to cope with the changing trends.

Maintain Blogs: Maintaining a blog has become a prerequisite for almost all business organizations to have an impressive online presence. Regular blog post adds to the freshness of the website. Since this is a tiring job, not many organizations will be doing it themselves. So you can offer this service known as Blog Maintenance to people who are busy maintaining offline presence of their business.

Logo Designer:
If you have a creative bend of mind, logo designing can be a profession that can help you earn some extra dollars. Now critics may say that most of the business owners have logos already but the truth is very few of them have good logos. So, there is enough scope to make your mark felt.

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Videographer: Since video is highly interactive in nature, more and more website owners are embracing it for promoting their products. So, there is a huge demand for videographer and that means, there is a huge prospect of earning a good amount if you have this talent.

Writer: Writing is the only profession where freelancers rule. Since writers are smart, capable and hard working, clients do not find it tough to work with a bunch of freelancer writers. Just send them the specs and they will be sending you articles. That being said, I can say that if you have a thing or two for writing, this could be your dream job.

Translation: If you are fluent in two different languages, you can earn handsome amount from doing the job of a translator. Since English is a universal language, you can earn fast bucks by translating copies. French and Spanish are the two most popular languages that can help you establish yourself as a translator.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is process of making a website search engine friendly by following certain guidelines. You can be a Google Adwords Certified Professional as well that will add more value to your prospect as a search engine optimizer.

Social Media marketer: Though large companies are generally unwilling to outsource their social media campaigns to a third party, there are hundreds of small business organizations, who will be happy to outsource this task to you just to get rid off excessive workload.


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