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Communities are great places for meeting people, generating traffic, exchanging opinions and all in all, socializing with people. When I say community, I do not just mean on blogging communities. They could be forums, Facebook fan pages, or ten million other places where you can share your own stuff and get noticed by others.

There is no doubt that  blogging communities  are popular among bloggers. Bloggers love having places where they can share their posts, find new ideas, meet new people, read good stuff and most important: drive high quality traffic! These communities can and will become popular as much as Facebook and Twitter are at this moment.

That’s true because we all love to be heard!

I have tweets that probably no one ever saw, I have posts on Facebook and Google+ that no one pays attention on but I have never been ignored in any blogging community. There was at least one person who was attracted by my writing, my headline or simply my blog. And that one person can change your life. If there is at least one person who loves what you do, I bet you can find at least thousand more that will.

Best Blogging Communities

 1. Blog Engage

Why I think that Blog Engage deserves the first place?

Because it is simply the best. It has far the most members.It also contains bigger number of sections and also Blog Engage is the only place where you can find lot of popular bloggers. Even if you don’t want to pay $20 for it, you can get a free standard blog engage account by becoming an affiliate and putting a review and banner on your blog.

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Blokube is a great community and my favorite personally.

Why it is not on the first place?

It does not have so many popular members as Blog Engage has. And the amount of spam is a little bit bigger. However, it receives huge traffic and with some skills and great post, you will be featured in ???Hottest??? homepage section.


I’m a big fan of Inbound, community made by Rand Fishkin! This is maybe the most quality community on the list because of the strict rules against spam. You can’t share only your own posts. In order to be a member of this special place, you need to share other people’s posts and socialize with others.

4. Klinkk

Who would not like this community? It has everything that one beginner blogger needs. Proper attention and good support. I always love to take a nice visit around the Klinkk, pick some great posts and read for hours.

My personal recommendation to every newbie blogger out there. This community is also the youngest off all so getting through is not hard.

5. BizSugar

Spam free. Your posts need to pass through moderation before they get published. Mostly business related, small number of categories but worth invested time. I’m glad to be part of such a community.

Sign up and enjoy!




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