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Being rich is everybody’s dream, since I believe that nobody wants to be poor. However, not all things come on a silver platter. Some people have to work to earn their money and become as rich as they want. However, there is a discipline to it, there is a way to become rich and stay rich.

Without following these steps, your riches will come quick and be lost the same way. It calls for dedication and discipline, as well as perseverance and hard work. Education is the key; the skeleton key if you will, able to open many doors, but the key needs to be turned and here is how you open that door.

  • Save Money

As you continue accumulating money and wealth, it is very important to put some aside for the proverbial rainy day. However, how you put it aside matters, putting your money somewhere where it just lies around is not advisable. Saving involves putting your money to work, however minimally.

Get yourself an account that earns you interest at least, somewhere you can liquidate your money fast and reliably. Alternatively, you can put part of your savings in such an account and the rest in a fast moving investment venture. This means that your money is safe, and continues to increase in value.

  • Find something to do part time

This will be especially helpful if you have a job that takes most of your time. Money is never enough, in fact, the more money you get, the more needs will arise and you will need to make sure you meet them. To supplement your income, you will have to get a part time job, one that brings in fast cash, needing minimal time.

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Such jobs do not last long or have the security and benefits yours does, but they give you money to spend and invest easily. Other part time jobs include multilevel marketing, which may include following network marketing leads on the weekend when you are free.

  • Invest in fast moving stocks

In this venture, you have to be very careful not to find yourself in an oversubscribed initial public offer. In most cases, you are supposed to invest in stocks whose prices have been moving up steadily or are projected to rise; investing in them makes sure that your money grows and that you earn more after relinquishing the stocks. Get a stockbroker you can trust and follow your instincts. Word of advice, do not put all your money into it, always have a liquid source in case of anything.


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