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The job markets for most industries today are very competitive. Many graduates are finding themselves out of compose with a lot of educational achievements but very few opportunities for work. Finding the capital to start a business is also another challenge. There are various ways you can make money online, and in a variety of currencies so you will need a currency converter to calculate your earnings.

The internet is good for more than just video games and social media sites. You can use it to make a lot of money too!


Google has an advertising platform that you can use to make money if you have an online bog or website. The relevant advertisements will automatically roll into your website and you will get paid for every lead from the advertisement through your web page. If you have many online followers, this is a great way to make money off your audiences.

Online job sites

There are various job sites online where you can get work directly related to your interest or area of study. You can use online job sites to get writing jobs, temporary gigs and odd jobs. There is always someone looking for transcription services, a website designer online or even a creative writer. You can use these online workplaces to connect with these clients and get paid by the hour or for every project that you complete successfully. The great thing about online worksites is you can choose to focus on the kind of stuff that you are interested in as there is a wide variety of options.

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You can make a lot of money online for blogging. If you have a passion for a specific thing, you can create a blog about it. People are always looking for an interesting and informative read. If you can maintain a constant flow of quality, informative and authoritative content, you can generate a strong following of online audiences. You can get paid for advertising on the blog, promote products or even sell your own products and services using the blog. With the various CMS and free blogging platforms available today, you literally need zero capital to start and maintain a blog.

Surveys and online testing

You do not know how much your opinion matters until you participate in a survey. There are various online companies that organize surveys to find out public opinion about specific topics and they will pay you to participate. You can also participate in website testing online as long as you fit the criteria of eligibility for the demographic characteristics of the kind target audience that the site is built for.

Social media sites

You can also use social media sites to sell specific products and services. Social media sites are free and a great ground for building a huge following. If you are not good at blogging, you can use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that require much less talking and more showing to sell your skills online.


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