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If you find yourself struggling for money your automatic response is probably to cut your expenditure. This isn’t easy, and if you’ve already done this then cutting further might seem impossible. There is an alternative though: you could develop a second income stream working from your own home. Here we explore just a few of the many home businesses you could start.

If you’ve got pets you’ll know how difficult it can be to arrange for someone to look after them when you go on holiday. Most people rely on friends and family nearby, but for many this option isn’t available. Instead they turn to professional pet sitters who visit their homes to feed the pet, replace a cats litter, walk a dog and just spend time with the animals so they aren’t lonely. Pet visitation services can earn you £15 per visit, which take about an hour each.

While we’re on the topic of pets, professional dog walking is becoming a really lucrative business. You can make about £10 per dog per hour walked, the key is to learn how to manage multiple mutts at once. If you’re able to control just three dogs then you’ll be pulling in £30. This works better if you’re at home when most people are at work and unable to walk their best friends.

Got a garden? Why not turn it into a profit making machine. Organic, home grown vegetables are all the range at farmers markets these days and command a hefty premium over the basic supermarket stock. Grow enough then rent a stall at a farmers market to unload your produce and cash in on your hard work. Plus you can save money as you won’t have to buy as many in the supermarket yourself.

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If you’ve got a spare room in your home there’s many ways to make money from it. Not everyone wants a permanent lodger, but if you can put up with putting people up for a short period of time you could create your own little bed and breakfast. Online sites like AirBnB allow you to rent rooms out from as little as a day to tourists, or if you’re looking for someone to stay a little longer you could consider taking in a foreign student on an Summer English language course.

For those of you with a creative spark, there’s plenty of opportunities out there. Handmade greetings cards are becoming increasingly popular, especially ones with a unique style. Create a few and see if you can sell them to shops to sell on. If your creative skills are more computer based then there’s always demand for graphic design work from local businesses doing promotions and advertising, knock on a few doors and work will come your way.

Garment alternation is a fast growing business as people seek to fix up last years dress or repair rather than replace their coat. It’s also the perfect business to do from home, as you can often even watch television while doing some of the work. If you’re really good you could even make your own designs and sell them – an easy way to do this is with printed t-shirts.

If you’re a whizz with computer hardware then fixing people’s broken computers is a great way of bring in some extra cash. Get known in your area by posting an add in your local newspapers classified section. You could also go into related businesses like setting up websites for small firms nearby.

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There’s thousands of potential business ideas to suit all skill sets and people – the key is to get creative. If you don’t think there’s a service you could provide then try your luck at buying low and selling high, great places to pick up bargains you can sell on at a higher price include auctions and charity shops.

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