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E-commerce is a term which has gained a huge rise in acknowledgement and popularity in the past few years. Technology has now reached to each and each every corner of the world today. E-commerce companies have grown in vast numbers and thus have created a competitive environment for everyone in the field. Now the challenge lies with every seller company and shopping portal to show how the sales of the website could be enhanced in face of stiff competition?

Business managers are often stumped in devising various strategies which would make the website look appealing in the eyes of the customer. This article is hopes to lend a helping hand to the e-commerce websites who seek to find ways to enhance their sales.

  • Ease of Use: An e-commerce website must be having a simple interface that looks attractive to all genres of people. If a website is cluttered and is not very easy to understand, it would drive away those customers who are new to the concept of purchasing online. Simple techniques such as placing the logo of the company on the upper left corner of the screen, a clear and advanced search engine in the website and establishing a well-tested and standardized template as design could make a huge difference in the eyes of the customer.
  • Trust worthiness: Trust factor also plays a major role in boosting the stature of the website. The trust could be initiated more by the use of real life person reference with photos and testimony in the website. Simplicity also makes a great impression in the minds of the customer while relating to trust.
  • Navigation and Organization of Content: When a user is visiting the website to look into products or any other information, the way to access the information is to be very clear. The navigation path plays an important role in establishing a positive mind-set about the website itself.
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Easy navigation and appropriate categorizing of products would ensure happy customers who would spend time in accessing what they want rather than searching around the website for hours. This approach in e-commerce websites make the feel of the website more homely and makes the customer comfortable with the service the shopping site provides.

  • Marketing and Browser friendly: In the current age, marketing plays a vital role in the success of any company. E-commerce websites are no exception. But there stands a thin line between marketing and creating annoyance for the customer. Email Marketing is the basic mode of marketing to the customers. Caution has to be taken to ensure that the advertised mail do not land up as spam or create an irritation to the customers. The pulse of the customer must be taken care of and the caption of the mail should be one that invokes interest.

Another major problem which most e-commerce websites face is the incompatibility of the website across browsers. Testing across various browsers should be done in order to ensure that customers are always subjected to high quality content irrespective of the browser used.

  • Customer Reviews and Extra features: Peer to peer review is a very good booster for the product. General human instinct would make the customer rely on past customers who have purchased the product rather than an expert advice before making a purchase decision. Customer reviews about the product ensures authenticity of the product.

The reviews can be achieved by requesting the happy customers who have already purchased a product from the website. Special features such as informing of the many ways to pay, wrapping of products, complimentary products available for free and personalized features, could go a long way in closing sales and facilitating repeat business with the same customer.

  • Networking and Details of the product: The success of any e-commerce website is denoted by the degree of mass advertising. Social network sites have become a part and parcel of most of the urban youth globally. It is very important to target this sales friendly segment via proper marketing techniques. Viral marketing has shown success stories in the recent past. When the customer views a product, complete and authentic details have to be given to ensure trust factor is sustained.
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The above mentioned approaches will help in making sure that the e-commerce website is in contention in the overall race in the industry. It is in the discretion of the website, of which feature to focus more in accordance to the target audience.

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