If you need money really quickly then there are some ways that you might be able to get it. The quickest place might be to borrow it either using an existing overdraft, credit card or getting a payday loan. However, this is an expensive way to get money and it is something which not available for everyone. There are better alternatives that you might be able to take advantage of.

Firstly see whether you have anything that you can sell. It is so easy to sell things online that you should be able to find somewhere to sell and find that you can sell things and make money. You can sell through local social media groups and get people to pay cash when they collect. You can sell at a local car boot sale for cash. You can sell on auction websites or through marketplaces, which may take longer and you will be paid by Paypal or into your bank account. Which method you choose will depend on what items you have to sell and how much they are worth as well as what condition they are in. It is better to sell more expensive or valuable items online as you can potentially find customers from all over the world. However, if you have items that are not worth so much then it is better to sell using cheaper or free channels such as a car boot sale. If you are not sure how much items are worth them you can look at ebay and look up similar items. Take a look at the completed items and you will be able to find out what things have sold for in the past and whether they actually did sell or not. Then you can work out whether it is worth selling your things on there or a similar selling platform.

If you have nothing to sell then you will have to think about how you can earn money. You will need to decide what sort of work you want to do. There are lots of jobs out there, both offline and online but you have to think about how much time you have and what sort of work you are prepared to do. If you want money quickly then you will need to find a job that will pay quickly. This could mean getting something that pays cash in hand or that will send money to you the same day. This could be some casual labour or other work or something online where you can complete a job and get paid straight away. Many online jobs are longer or they will pay once you have accumulated a certain amount of earnings so you need to aware of this and be careful when looking for work. There are different sorts of jobs that you can do with things such as surveys and cash back sites earning small amounts and not always paying out that quickly and freelance work which can take a while to complete but will pay out once the job is finished. It is a matter of finding the work which will pay out in the way that suits you the best.