If you need money really quickly, then the best way to do so is probably to sell things that you already own. You will not have to pay out any money to buy things and there are plenty of places that you can sell them on. So think about what items you own that you no longer use or that you can do without and whether you think that they would have any value if you sold them. There are lots of different types of items that you could sell such as clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, household items, cushions, linen and towels or kitchen items such as bowls, plates and mugs.

When you are selling, it is possible to improve your chances of selling quickly so that you can get the money fast.

  • Low prices – obviously price is a big influence on whether someone buys something or not. If the price is too high then they will just not be able to afford it at all. Therefore if you set your prices lower then you are much more likely to sell an item. Obviously you do not want to sell things too cheaply though. It is a good idea to look at what other people are selling similar items for and then price yours just a bit lower than them. Then you will be more likely to sell it, but you will not be losing out on potential earnings by pricing it too low.
  • Lots of platforms – there are many different ways that you can sell things and it can be wise to try out different ones to see which is most successful for you. For example, online you could choose marketplaces, auction sites, boot sale sites, classifieds and things like this. You could put items on all of the sites and then see which generates the most sales for you. If you do have the same item available in several places you will need to make sure that you make this clear in the listing in case it sells in several places almost simultaneously. Once it sells, you will need to take it down or mark it as sold on the other sites and if you do not do this quickly enough it may sell to two people at once, so you need to find a way to carefully monitor and deal with this. You may rather put different things on different sites and then move everything onto the site where you find things are selling the quickest.
  • Detailed description – it is so important to make sure that you have a really good description with plenty of pictures so that potential buyers know exactly what they are getting. If they are not sure about the condition of the item and the pictures are not clear, they may just buy form someone else instead.
  • Good condition – the condition of the item is really important as well. People want to make sure that they are having things that will last a while and that look good. Obviously they will expect second hand items to not be perfect, but make sure that they are clean and that you repair them if there is damage so that they look as good as possible.