There are actually many ways that you could try to make income from home. The problem with many of the ways is that there is no guarantee that they will actually generate income or that there will be regular work, this can be fine for some people but not for others.

Many people will run their own business form home. This can be a great way to be flexible with working hours and be able to stay at home. There are lots of things that you can do from home and they can be fun. You might want to sell things that you make, sell your services or buy things to sell on. This can be fun but at the moment people are not really buying lots of things, due to wages being quite low compared to inflation. Therefore it can be a tricky time to start a business.

You can find ad hoc work online. There are many freelance type jobs and so you can do odd bits of work which will help you to get some extra cash. If you have skills that are in demand then this can be really useful for you to get extra bits and pieces of money. The only problem is that you will need to keep looking for jobs and unless you find someone who can give you regular work, you may find that it will be only bits and pieces without a regular income.

The best way to get a good and regular income from home is to find a job outside of the home and then negotiate with your employer to work some days at home. In some jobs this is possible, but it very much depends on what you do. If you do office work then it is more possible than if you work in a shop. It is worth asking about working from home, if you are in a job where you could as you never know what your employer might say!

If this is not an option for you then you will need to think about what sort of thing that you would like to do form home and how you will be able to achieve this. Consider whether you want to start up a business and whether you have the money to be able to afford to do this, if you need to buy stock, pay for marketing and other items. Calculate what you might have to spend money on and whether you think that you will be able to make that money back quickly enough.

Alternatively you might like to browse online at look at all the sorts of things that you can do to get odd bits of money. There are some fun things available such as answering surveys and although these will not earn massive amounts of money, they will enable you to have some fun and earn a little extra money without having to worry about getting jobs done in a certain time or having certain skills to be able to complete them.