Image courtesy of Kris Krug
Image courtesy of Kris Krug

If you have a hobby that you really enjoy and would like to do all of the time, then it can be worth trying to find a way to make money out of it. This could be done in a variety of ways and could mean that you will be having fun all of the time and bringing in an income as a result.

Sell Things You Make
If you are creative in any way, then you may be able to sell the things that you produce. This could be something that you craft, pieces of artwork, even books that you write. There are many ways to sell things easily these days as well. You could set up your own website selling things or do it through a big retailer. You may also be able to sell things through social media. A little bit of research will show you all of your options.

Make Tutorial Videos
If you like the idea of teaching, then you could make tutorial videos. If you put them on YouTube and it gets lots of visits, then you could be offered advertising by YouTube so that you can earn money from it. Alternatively you could put them on your own website or blog and put your own advertising around it, to try to earn some extra money.

Run a Class on it
You could even run a class on your hobby. You could investigate teaching it in a class at college or you could run a group with other enthusiasts and think of way to make money. Perhaps by selling items there which would interest those that go and making a profit from it or by charging an entry fee. You may even be able to sell refreshments and make some money on those as well.

Blog About it
Many people blog these days about things that they enjoy. If you choose to do this then it could be a source of income. You can monetise the blog so that you can potentially earn income through the advertising on it. You will have to build up quite a big audience to make a significant amount of money though. It can be a fun thing to do though and you may find that it will not take too long to get regular visitors and start making money for any advertising that you put on it.