Image courtesy of Denis Skley

If you are the type of person that is always coming up with ideas for things, then you could be missing out on the opportunity to make some money from them. Often though, the people who are good at ideas, may not actually be so good at then using that idea to set up a business and making money from it.

One way to get around this problem is to partner up with someone who is good at this. You feed them the ideas and then they will be able to work out how to make those into a business and guide you to do this. You could work together with them explaining to you what steps need to be taken and motivating you to do it together. Obviously they would need to be the right personality to work with, that would be strong enough to push you without being so forceful that you end up falling out with them. You might know someone that you would be willing to help you with something like this or you may be able to look around online to see whether you can advertise and find out if there is anyone willing to work with you. You may not even need to meet them if you find that you can work well together, get on well and have the right personalities. There are many online job sites where you might be able to see if there is anyone looking for this sort of work.

Another way is to work for a company in a job where you are required to come up with ideas. This should suit your creative side but will mean that not only are you being paid for coming up with the ideas but you will not have to think about how they will be implemented either or have to be motivated to do work with regards to doing so.

If you cannot find a job doing this or do not feel that this type of work is for you, then you could consider sending your ideas to a company that could make use of them. There is the chance that if they do use them, they might pay you for your ideas. If you keep sending them ideas which they find useful, then you could end up getting a job out of it anyway.

Depending on the types of ideas you have, you may be able to make money out of them in different ways. You could make money submitting them to magazines as tips, for example or put together a blog or website with them on so that others can benefit from them and you may be able to make some money form the advertising revenue gained from it. You may even have enough to be able to put together a book. These days this is very easy and you can self-publish and sell through many ebook sellers without even having to find a publisher. This can bring in a decent stream of income if it attracts buyers.