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Business owners are responsible for a wide range of duties and functions on a daily basis. Some of their main duties include ensuring the operations in their business runs smoothly, while also protecting the employees, clients, customers and all of the other things that’s contained on their property.

This entails ensuring the employees have the proper security available at all times and several ways to keep confidential records and legal documents from getting into the hands of intruders. In some situations, the business owner is also responsible for protecting the money that is kept onsite during the operations and after the business has closed for the day. In order to accomplish these specific goals and objectives, the owner of the company and their representatives should look for the most efficient and effective ways to protect both employees and property.

Listed below are 5 things the business owner can do to protect everything in the facility from computers to the refrigerator. Even though some of these suggestions and recommendations will not apply to every business facility, they can provide an overall guideline and can assist with getting started with sandhp.


Controlling the Keys

Establishing a specific set of rules to control all of the business’ keys is essential to any business’s safety initiatives. Even though this may appear to be basic knowledge for most people, one small error in judgement can cause a business to loose both lives and property. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to ensure there is an enforceable and up-to-date control policy in place at all times. This key control policy should apply to both internal and external doors. Part of this plan should include keeping most or all the keys in a central location. This central place should be available to authorized personnel only.

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High Security Deadbolts on Exterior Doors

A standard for many small companies today is installing high security deadbolt locks on the exterior doors of a business facility. These locks can be installed in addition to alarm systems.

Installing Commercial Alarm Systems

Today’s commercial alarm systems are designed with an array of electronic features  The most common features are designed to sense motion in specific areas or locations within a building. Therefore, once an alarm system starts to sense motion, it acts quickly in alerting others that there is a problem (i.e. from the owner to the police department). Many business and residential owners are installing various kinds of install alarm systems in order to protect their property from intruders.

Security Fences

A security fence is considered to be the first line of defense for a business owner. This kind of fence can stop the intruder before they reach an alarm system in any area of the company. With a security fence, the company can prevent intruders from gaining access to the property because it is designed to keep unwanted visitors and intruders out by alarming security professionals. Based on the type of fence security and its technology that sandhp offers, they have been designed to prevent an intruder from coming within a certain parameter.


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